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Britney Spears poses for a photo

Britney Spears Goes Full Bombshell With Bare Belly & Smile That Never Faded

By Rebecca Cukier

Britney Spears reminded Instagram that her bombshell appeal hasn't gone anywhere as she welcomed the weekend. The 38-year-old pop icon, still a source of concern as #FreeBritney rages on, updated her account on Friday with both the familiar and the less-familiar. Britney, largely seen in floral crop tops and shorts through summer 2020 had kept up the trademark wardrobe, but straightened pouffy hair bucked the trend for the star who tends to rock a messy do.

Britney's 25.9 million followers may feel that she's unsafe or being controlled amid her 2008-commenced conservatorship, but the "Toxic" singer showed up smiling – Britney hasn't lost her heart-warming appeal.

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Looking A Touch Glossier Than Usual

Britney Spears poses in an orange top outdoors

If you don't live inside Britney's Instagram, the feed mostly shows the singer with a natural finish to her hair.

Comments of late, have not, however, focused on looks as fears spike – Britney's followers are massively concerned over her repetitive posts, seemingly in a joint consensus that the star has no control over her Instagram. From repeated red wall backdrops to white and yellow ones, plus Spears' L.A. backyard for a setting, the #FreeBritney army tends to respond with: "Are you okay?"

Simple Shot Shows She's Still Got It

Britney Spears poses in a crop top with straight hair

Britney's Friday photo did follow the repetitive feel, seeing the "Circus" singer in the white and blue-specked crop top and teeny white shorts she'd worn on Thursday – this post outlined Britney's home spa activities, including wrapping herself in aluminum foil.

The shot showed the mom of two in profile, shooting the camera a semi smile and a bigger one with her eyes. A caption read: "⭐️⭐️⭐️."

While "Love your hair" and "The hair is such a throwback lol" came in, the bulk of replies took a more serious tone. Scroll for the replies after the video.

Father Controls Finances, Fans Fear She's Not Okay

Gettyimages | AFP

Over 2,600 users liked a comment that's now become the standard on the singer's IG: "Britney are you ok?" they wrote. Countless others echoed the thought.

"Britney, what's happening? We're all worried about you," another wrote.

Britney, whose finances and other aspects of her life have been controlled since 2008 by dad Jamie Spears – he recently called the #FreeBritney movement both a "joke" and a "conspiracy theory" – has largely been deemed "not okay" by her fans this summer. The singer, however, maintains she is being "authentic," per her rare July clap-back.

Busy Instagram Avoids The One Question Fans Want Answered

Britney Spears poses in a crop top and tan shorts

For Britney's fans, the only question they want answered is: "Are you okay?" Bar the "authentic" clap-back, Britney has seemingly avoided the question. July brought Q&A videos with plenty of answers: Britney confirmed chili dogs to be her favorite food and "Frozen" to be her favorite Disney movie, but her well-being remained unaddressed.

Just this week, "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens joined the list of celebrities backing #FreeBritney. – "If this is a secret message show us a rose and let us know it’s your favorite flower," she wrote. Vanessa joins faces including "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter and "Orange Is The New Black" star Ruby Rose in supporting the pop princess.

Britney was due to appear in court on July 22 to revisit her conservatorship. "Technical difficulties" were cited as being the reason behind the singer's absence.

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