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Tucker Carlson Criticizes Media Outlets For Framing Kanye West As 'Crazy'

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By Chris Barilla

Famed 'Fox News' contributor Tucker Carlson has spoken out in a new long-form video segment where he advocates for Kanye West and claims that the media, particularly those backed by the political left, are attempting to discredit West and label him as "crazy" because his viewpoints don't align with those of their party.

Carlson took to his segment on 'FOX' recently to vouch for the rapper's honesty in his political speeches and Twitter rants and claim that words used by the media to identify him today are purely used to discredit his viewpoints and political aspirations.

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Carlson praised the 'Follow God' rapper for his unconventional approach​ to running for office, and says that there has not been another conservative candidate like West in decades because there is nobody as unafraid to be as honest as possible as the artist is.

"On core conservative issues… no one with a national platform has been more honest or sincere or effective than Kanye West has been, maybe in generations," Carlson claimed in his new segment about the controversial Presidential hopeful.


Carlson took West's brutal honesty as a questioning point for all other conservative Republicans in America, asking, "you start to ask yourself why aren't there any elected Republicans who sound like that," in regards to how the rapper addresses topics such as abortion.

"They say they believe the same things, but if they actually do, why don't they talk like Kanye West does?" The conservative news contributor added to his argument about how the media is demonizing West for having different viewpoints.

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Carlson's largest argument comes from how West has been addressed in headlines since aligning himself with Donald Trump, commenting, "They decided to attack him as mentally ill. You hear that a lot now, but it's a relatively new tactic."

"It was just a little over four years ago publishing a piece about Kanye West, they highlighted his most famous moments like the time he interrupted Taylor Swift… CNN described all these incidents as 'controversial,' but there was no mention of Kanye West being a danger to himself, much less mentally ill, just controversial. Not a problem, and then he appeared to say something positive about Donald Trump and everything changed in an instant," he said.

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The news host went on to add that he feels as though the Democratic party is genuinely "afraid" of the threat that West's honesty poses to them and because of that attempt to discredit his intelligence and mental state because they're aware he is too big of a public entity to outright "cancel."

"They're worried about the threat that West poses to Democratic party orthodoxy and therefore to their power. They don't say that out loud, they're liars, so instead, they continue to play the role of psychiatric nurse," he said of the party's alleged fears.

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