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Simone Biles poses for a photo

Simone Biles Sparks Watermelon Debate With Skimpy Egg Chair Snacking

By Rebecca Cukier

Simone Biles has sparked a giant watermelon hoopla on her Instagram. The 23-year-old gymnast – now the world's most decorated – updated her account ahead of the weekend with a little healthy snacking from a piece of furniture that showed how stylish big chains can be.

Simone was enjoying some fresh melon from a wicker egg chair she revealed she'd purchased at Target – while the 30-time Olympic and World medalist received comments over the chair, her 3.8 million followers are now discussing watermelons.

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Most Decorated Gymnast Posts Simple Food Photo

Simone Biles poses holding a drink at a table outdoors

Scroll for the photo and the comments. The snap landing on Simone's Instagram yesterday showed her home, solo, and cocooned on an oversized white cushion forming part of the $500 Southport Patio Egg Chair. Biles was showing off her muscle machine of a body in a skimpy, thin-strapped crop top and tiny shorts, also seen holding a giant plate of sliced melon and licking a spoon.

The caption, witty but otherwise straight-forward, read: "Watermelon sugar πŸ‰."

Simone, who recently went Instagram official with new NFL star boyfriend Jonathan Owens, now sees the comments section overflowing – with melon talk.

Alllllll The Melon Comments

Simone Biles poses snacking on watermelon in an egg chair

Light-hearted but intense best sums up the comments left by the gymnast's followers. While some were convinced that watermelon can't be yellow, others deemed Simone's snack a canteloupe, but not everyone – "Lol a couple people said its a damn cantaloupe! 🀣🀣 um..idk what kind of cantaloupe that look like this..," one fan wrote.

A popular comment read: "A lot of y’all have only eaten the red watermelon I see."

"Is that a yellow watermelon??" another asked, with the connoisseurs then swooping in – "Country folks know there's many kinds," one fan wrote.

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'But That's A Canteloupe'


Those comments basically just kept on coming. "Your watermelon is looking a bit...dull," one fan wrote, with another stating: "But that's a canteloupe."

Simone did swoop into the comments section, but only to confirm where she'd purchased the egg chair – "Target," she wrote. It's worth remembering that a response from Biles isn't a guarantee. Earlier this year, the athlete sparked a $100 bidding war after a bikini photo had fans assuming she'd never reply. She did, writing: "So who gets the money???"

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Makes It Official With 'Boo' NFL Boyfriend Jonathan Owens

Simone Biles poses with Jonathan Owens at home

Simone fronted media outlets in early August for making her relationship with Houston Texas safety Jonathan Owens Instagram official. The 25-year-old has seemingly replaced Simone's old boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr., with Biles having confirmed her split to Vogue in March – fans are still convinced by the rumor that Ervin cheated on Simone over Valentine's Day. She unfollowed him in March after he didn't wish her a happy birthday.

Simone's kissed-up selfies with her new man came captioned: "It's just us," seemingly now showing an edited caption that initially read: "Just me and my boo."

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