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Jenna Dewan looks great minus any makeup

Jenna Dewan Makes Instagram 'Beg For Mercy' With Hot Pic That Shows All

Jenna Dewan / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Jenna Dewan, actress and one of the sexiest vegans out there, according to PETA, just about incinerated the Internet by deciding to post a throwback shoot of hers, in the nude.

With the kind of body she has, Jenna Dewan looks stunning without a stitch of clothing and fans tripped over themselves in a hurry to comment on all that gorgeousness.

Clearly, Coronavirus coupled with motherhood has left Jenna with a hankering for work. With that body and face, fans are sure plenty of work will soon be lining long at her door...

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Killer Body? Sure, But Jenna Dewan Has A Heart Of Gold

Jenna Dewan stuns in a B&W pic
Jenna Dewan / Instagram

But before getting into how stunning the woman is, there's a little story about her heart of gold on Instagram as well.

An Instagram fan wrote to Jenna, narrating how he had met her as an extra on the set of "American Virgin", writing, "you brought true light to my life that day for being so nice and so kind to me".

The ever kind Jenna took time to reply to this comment with, "aww I love hearing that. Lots of love"; blowing her fans away.

And, She Wears A 'Damn' Mask

Jenna Dewan believes in masks
Jenna Dewan / Instagram

Jenna is also pretty clear about "wearing a damn mask" and posted a gorgeous pic of her wearing her little boy, with her beautiful eyes shining through.

She captioned the picture, "I #wearadamnmask for my family For our grandparents. To keep my community safe. For Black and Brown communities who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. For all workers and healthcare workers who are bravely serving our communities. Because we all need to come together and do whatever we can TOGETHER".

Her post was liked by more than 121,000 fans, though her Tiktok got 1.9 million views.

Instagram Begs For Mercy

Jenna Dewan goes nude on Instagram for a throwback
Jenna Dewan / Instagram

Meanwhile, this is Jenna, in all her naked, throwback glory, as she captioned her post "#tbt to photoshoots and BOOMERANGS".

Jenna's post got plenty of likes and comments, with Hilary Duff saying "that body" and a big affirmative from Lisa Rinna as well.

Nikki Reed also chimed in with, "🔥Wow...just...WOW🔥 can we do squats together? Just sayin...🔥"

Another person really went into Jenna's fitness, "look at her curves and body structure. She is so toned, the definition of fit."

Here's a little boomerang video as well...

Jenna's 'Hot Mama' Body

Jenna Dewan slays in a swimsuit
Jenna Dewan / Instagram

In May, Jenna also posted another picture of hers, having birthed two children, and she looked hotter than ever, even with silly goggles on.

The goggles made a fan comment, "How can you make silly googles so hot??!"

Yet another comment read, "How did you just give birth? Omg absolutely GORG. 🔥"

A bowled-over fan wrote, "I can’t believe you just had a baby! Look at that bod! I’m so jealous. I had my daughter almost 3 yrs ago and I can’t get the last 20 lbs off!!!!"

Well, dancing could be one way Jenna keeps this sizzling...

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