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Vanessa Hudgens sizzles on Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens Changes Colors On Instagram In Bikini Showing Off Killer Curves

Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Vanessa Hudgens seems to be making the best of her holiday in Turks and Caicos and has taken to wearing skimpy bikinis that set her fans' pulses racing to no end.

And she does it in ever-changing colors, be it of the bikinis, the sea, and the sunsets.

Clearly, while the world grapples with Coronavirus and remains stuck at home, Hudgens has had no qualms about setting off for a fantastic vacation that has had her followers get the beach fever...

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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Called 'Too Flat'

Vanessa Hudgens in a rose gold bikini
Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram

One of the first posts Hudgens put up was her wearing a rose gold satin bikini and looking absolutely fabulous as she did.

One troll got to Instagram with the comment, "Too flat. Work on it and get back to us".

An ardent Vanessa Hudgens fan got pretty affronted and made a pat if personal comment to this, writing, "wow, so you like to give an opinion on other women's bodies, so let's talk about how much you overreacted at the gym, you're too muscular, neither good nor attractive, you're not a hot man either"...

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She Was A 'Queen' In Blue

Vanessa Hudgens in an aqua blue bikini
Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram

Vanessa's latest post was her wearing an aqua blue bikini that showed off her enviable figure with just a hint of the underboob to set pulses racing, as she donned plenty of body jewelry that highlighted her skin and everything that fans love about her.

While Vanessa captioned her pic "Paradise", fans found her to be the angel with a "snatched" body.

Meanwhile, another fan who seemed pretty moved by the picture wrote, "I don’t know what to say. But this makes me feel things."

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'Such A Lovely Evening'

Vanessa Hudgens in a white bikini ensemble
Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram

It's not as if Vanessa packed only bikinis on the vacation, because she looked ethereal in a series of shots she posted wearing a white pant and shirt ensemble that she left unbuttoned to show off her flat stomach, a knotted bikini, and a gorgeous tan.

While one fan thanked Hudgens for the pictures, writing, "girl you're serving today thank u😭❤️"; another commented, "you can't be more beautiful😍😍😍".

More pictures showed a mouth-watering table spread of sushi with sangria, and fans gave her more than a million likes on her bikini shots.

Vanessa Wears Bikinis With 'Pride'

Vanessa Hudgens wishes fans Happy Pride
Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram

Sometimes though, when Vanessa dons a bikini, it's not just for a vacation but a good cause.

Which is why last month, she posted this picture of Instagram, wearing a barely-there lavender bikini and lying on a colorful butterfly-shaped pool float, to wish everyone a Happy Pride.

Vanessa captioned it as "Happy pride my loves 🖤🤎💜💙💚❤️🧡💗💛🤍".

Fan comments ran the gamut of wanting to marry her, loving her, thanking her and one even wanting to "kiss those never-ending legs"

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