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'90 Day Fiance' Jorge Nava Divorcing Anfisa Arkhipchencko, Talks New Girlfriend

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By Jacob Highley

Jorge Nava and his Russian wife Anfisa Arkhipchencko have just filed for divorce. The ‘90 Day Couple’ met three years ago on the show and seemed like the ideal couple. But all that changed when Jorge was arrested and went to jail for drug charges.

After being imprisoned, Jorge promised that he would divorce Anfisa after he claims she “abandoned” him for another man.

True to his word, the reports have come out revealing that the divorce officially was filed in November 2019.

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'A Friendly Relationship' Turned Romantic!

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Although unnamed, Jorge recently had an interview where he shared that he was fully moving on with a new woman in his life.

"It was actually a friendly relationship before it became the relationship that it is today," he told E! News. "When I went out to California to visit my family, we went on our first date and then a week after that, she came and stayed with me and we've kind of been together ever since."

Jorge continued by sharing how incredibly supportive his new girlfriend has been.

'Never Really There'

Jorge Nava with shiny car
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In addition to sharing how much his new girl has meant to him, Jorge shared that going to prison was a “blessing” for him in personal growth.

“She was never really there to support me mentally while I was down, while I was at my worst, at my lowest," Jorge claimed. "It was almost a blessing for me to go to prison. Well it was a blessing. I came out a new person. I'm healthier. I'm mentally stronger. I just feel like I'm totally different than I was before."

'Pretty Much All Over'

Jorge Nava and new girlfriend
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In addition to how Jorge and his girl support each other, he revealed that they enjoy traveling and enjoying nature.

"We travel pretty much all over Arizona. We go to different hikes and we kind of try to stay active as much as we can and see as much as we can while I'm here."

His soon to be ex-wife Anfisa has not shared anything related to Jorge and seems to be fully content moving on beyond her troubled relationship. (She also really enjoys personal fitness and modeling)

'A Clean Split'

Jorge Nava by the Grand Canyon
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Jorge has told the press that he is not one to have a troubled relationship. Before the filing, Nava shared how he just wanted to have a “clean split” and have a fresh start with his life.

“To be honest with you, I just want it to be a clean split and just move on with life," he shared. "I don't ask her for anything and now I'm just trying to make it as clean as possible."

Maybe soon he will reveal who his special sweetheart is now!

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