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Cardi B looks stunning in this black and white design jumpsuit with a matching hat and a long coat.

Cardi B Wants The Comparison Between Female Artists To Stop!

Gettyimages | Pascal Le Segretain
By Favour

It is a norm for fans to always pit female and male stars amongst themselves. This is to know which star has more fan base than the other. But, is it really necessary?

People enter into the music industry for different reasons and trying to compare them is not only wrong, but difficult to comprehend.

Every artist has his or her own pattern and fans have to start choosing to stick to their favorites and not try to find out who they are better than.

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Cardi B dazzles in this floor-sweeping dress at the Grammy Awards.
Instagram | Cardi B

In the music industry, women especially have been compared with each other on many occasions. Sometimes, these comparisons extend to their personal lifestyles and how they behave in general.

The music industry is diverse and this is why every artist has his or her own unique sound. If you say that one artist is better than the other, it simply means that, that other artist does not have that unique sound.

In a way, they are lacking, but they are not inferior.


This is the message that Cardi B passed to her fans and well wishers recently. Since her big break into the music industry, fans have often compared the “Bodak Yellow” star to other rappers, including Nicki Minaj.

Speaking on Apple Music’s Ne Music Daily, the rapper and singer talked about the plight of women in the music industry and her new single titled “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

Also involved in the conversation, were Mulatto, Rubi Rose, Nadeska and Sukihana who also featured in Cardi's latest music video.

Cardi B rocks in this two-piece Louis Vuitton outfit and matching bag.
Instagram | Cardi B

Firstly, Cardi addressed the notion that people may have about her new single and the kind of language she often uses in her songs. She said that if they did not like what they were hearing, there are other songs they can listen to. No cap!

Secondly, Cardi talked about how tired she was of people trying to pit her against other female artists.

“Every single time I feel like there’s a female artist that’s coming up, coming up, coming up, and it’s getting they mainstream moment, I always see like little slick comments like, ‘Oh, they taking over your spot.’” She said.

Cardi B looks stunning in this Chanel design dress and glasses, by a pool.
Instagram | Cardi B

She quickly asked her audience why it always had to be like that.

The sky is big enough for everyone to shine right?

“When I was 6,7,8, there were a lot of female rappers and then there was a time that there was no female rappers at all. You never know if there is ever going to be a drought. You never know when people get tired of all the female rappers or people just stop... I don’t know, promoting them.” Cardi explained.

However, with the new social media trends, artists can now interact with their fans to know how best to improve.

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