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Is Another 'Bold And The Beautiful' Actor Leaving The Show?

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By Carol Cassada

Soap fans were ecstatic when "The Bold and the Beautiful" returned with new episodes.

However, earlier this week when news broke about changes to its cast, fans have once again started to lose hope in the CBS soap opera.

On Monday, actress Courtney Hope revealed that she had been let go from the show. Hope plays Sally Spectra on the show, and this week was the final air date for the actress and her character.

Fans were heartbroken over Courtney's exit and felt she was a huge talent.

However, Courtney may not be the only actor leaving the soap.

Fans are now wondering if Matthew Atkinson's days as Thomas Forrester are numbered.

History Of Thomas Forrester

Matthew Atkinson - Twitter

Thomas is the son of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes. He's the oldest brother of Steffy Forrester and the late Phoebe Forrester.

When Thomas reached adulthood, he became a central part of the show. A majority of his storylines consisted of his ongoing battle with his uncle/stepbrother Rick Forrester.

Thomas and Rick often battled it out for control of Forrester Creations. Aside from fighting over the family business, they also battled it out for the affections of many women.

The two men fought over the affections of Caitlin Ramirez and Caroline Spencer.

While Thomas is seen as a good boy, he's also know to have a dark side. Early on, viewers saw just how dark Thomas could be when he tried to kill Rick, who he blamed for the death of his sister Phoebe.

In recent years, Thomas' storylines consisted of his relationships with Sally Spectra and Caroline Spencer, with whom he has a son Douglas.

Thomas' Latest Storylines


Numerous actors have portrayed Thomas over the years, but in 2019 Matthew Atkinson was cast in the role.

Thomas returns to Los Angeles with his son Douglas following the death of girlfriend Caroline Spencer.

From the moment Thomas arrived back home, it was evident he was turning towards the dark side. When Douglas began bonding with Hope Logan, who he thought of as a second mother, Thomas formed a plan to win Hope's heart.

Thomas soon became obsessed with Hope and resorted to drastic measures to make her his bride. When he learned that Hope's daughter Beth was alive, he kept it a secret. However, Douglas learned the secret and told Liam Spencer that Beth was alive.

With the truth about Beth out, Hope and Liam reunited, but Thomas tries to convince Hope to give him another chance. Hope's mother sees them together outside and fearing that Thomas will hurt her daughter, tries to get him away, but accidentally pushes him off a cliff.

Thomas survives his fall and it looks like he's headed for a redemption story. But once again he shows he's up to his old tricks when he uses Zoe Buckingham in order to make Hope jealous.

On the day of Thomas and Zoe's wedding, Thomas is overjoyed when Hope stops the ceremony. However, instead of professing her love, she exposes Thomas' lies and betrayal in front of the guests.

What's Next For Thomas?


After his manipulations was exposed, Thomas left town.

But as fans saw this week, the character is back.

Upon learning that his sister Steffy was in a motorcycle accident, Thomas rushed home to see her.

During a heart-to-heart talk, Thomas revealed that he's done a lot of thinking and was turning his life around. He and Steffy then made amends, which thrilled B&B fans.

But what will Thomas' storyline be moving forward?

Many thought he'd reunite with Sally and he'd help her restart her fashion business. However due to Courtney Hope's exit that's out of the question.

Fans also don't want him involved with Hope or going back to the dark side, especially now that he's redeemed.

With no clear direction in store for Thomas, fans are becoming worried about the fate of the character and his portrayer.

Could Atkinson Be On His Way Out?

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While fans were excited to see Thomas back and the writers had finally redeemed him after his misdeeds, they're worried about the character's future.

Throughout the years, Thomas has come and gone. It's been a little over a year since he returned, and many are wondering if "The Bold and the Beautiful" is going to write him off again.

While fans believe there's a lot B&B could do with the character, they also know how executive producer Brad Bell runs the show.

He usually gives a character a red-hot storyline, then puts them on the backburner when he becomes bored with them.

Many feel that's what's going to become of Thomas.

There's been no official word about Matthew Atkinson's status with the show, but that hasn't stopped the viewer's fears.

For the time being, fans will have to tune in to see if Thomas sticks around and if there's anything big in store for him.

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