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A throwback photo featuring T-Pain on stage singing his heart out for his fans.

T-Pain Reveals His Hit Single Was Almost Stolen By Chris Brown

Gettyimages | Carmen Mandato
By Favour

T-Pain may no longer be heard the way it used to be, but it is still the person it used to be. The name and man was a definition of modern hip-hip now that many are finding hard to match nowadays. If anything, T-Pain brought into the music industry, a unique sound that many wondered what it would look like if he was off his auto-tune game.

It was during this period, that he came up with the legendary tune “Buy U A Drank” and that became the peak of his music career.

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A photo showing T-Pain holding different flavors of a trident gum at one of its events.
Twitter | T-Pain

This single from T-Pain rocked the world in so many ways and fans could not have enough of it. However, it may not have been so, had Chris Brown had his way, when he tried to poach the song off the singer’s hands.

Let us take you down memory lane to where it all began for T-Pain.

Born Faheem Rasheed Najim on September 30, 1985, T-Pain began with a rap group in 2004, named Nappy Headz. With this group, he released a cover of Akon’s “I’m Locked Up,” and titled it “I’m Fucked Up.”

Giphy | T-Pain

T-Pain really caught the attention of people because he constantly recorded songs with an electric sounding voice known as auto-tune. Many thought it was amazing and he sounded good and others said he was masking his voice because it was not good enough. He would later prove them right in the future when he featured on an episode of “The Masked Singer.”

Moving on, Akon was captivated by this unique sound and decided to give him a broader audience and nothing was the same for T-Pain.

A photo showing T-Pain using one of his awards as a cup with a straw in it.
Instagram | T-Pain

T-Pain’s first single was titled “I’m Sprung” and later, he released another song titled “I’m ‘n Love (Wit a Stripper.”

Although he was already considered one of the biggest hip-hip singers when he recorded and released “Buy You A Drank,” this song elevated his status.

Maybe Chris Brown saw the beauty of the song and how far it could go, that he tried to get it from T-Pain.

Read below to find out what went down between T-Pain and Brown in the past.

A photo showing T-Pain sporting a pink jacket, shirt and pant, with two customized name necklaces on his neck
Gettyimages | Leon Bennett

During a sit down with “The Hot Ones,” a talk show known for feeding celebrities with spicy wings, to get information from them, T-Pain talked about his music journey.

He said that he had already produced the beat for his hit song and took it to Chris to check it out.

He mentioned that the song that good, that Chris tried to swipe it from him the moment he listened to it.

Luckily, T-Pain released the song and it became the highlight of his musical career.

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