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Salma Hayek has a heart of gold

Salma Hayek Showered With Fan Love On Instagram For Her 'Big Heart & Kind Soul'

Salma Hayek / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Actress and producer Salma Hayek has been on Instagram a lot lately, most of it to talk about the port blast in Beirut, Lebanon and fans have been bowled over by her thoughtfulness and "heart of gold".

For Hayek's fans, it's not just her curves and that gorgeous face that has them moved. The fact that she takes to social media to talk about what's happening in the world and cover the tragedies that move her makes her a real-life heroine to her 15 million-plus fans.

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Beirut Explosion Broke Salma's Heart

Salma Hayek captures a reflection in a window
Salma Hayek / Instagram

She first posted a video of the explosion in Beirut a couple of days back with the caption, "Today two explosions devastated the capital of the already hurting Lebanon. My broken heart goes out to all the people who have lost loved ones and who are in the affected areas of my beloved Beirut."

With over 2.8 million views, Salma's post went viral pretty quickly with fans writing in to appeal for help from all, "There is [sic] more than 3700 injuries and more than 70 people who passed away please if you can help by donating we will be so grateful ❤️"

Here's the video...

Salma Hayek Loves Beirut

Salma Hayek stares down Beirut in a throwback pic
Salma Hayek / Instagram

A day ago, Salma also posted a picture of her standing near a window, overlooking what can be assumed is a vista of Beirut, with the caption, "I 🖤 you Beirut #beirut #lebanon #tbt".

Even though this was a throwback picture, Salma's posts are helping bring Beirut and its tragedy into world focus, and one fan was moved enough to comment, "Thank you Salma for using your platform and helping in spreading the news about our country that is desperately in need of help."

Here's Salma standing up for Turkish women.

Salma Turned To Khalil Gibran To Inspire Hope

Salma Hayek posing with the statue of Khalil Gibran
Salma Hayek / Instagram

Salma posted yet another picture in honor of Beirut and all the tragedy taking place there, posing with the statue of Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran with the caption, "Out of suffering emerged the strongest souls #khalilgibran", looking impossibly lovely with the curviest waist ever seen.

One fan, clearly having suffered through the tragedy wrote to Salma, "The Lebanese are strong but please, no more suffering no MORE!!!! We can’t handle it anymore:(".

Other fans also took to thanking Salma with comments like, "thanks for your support and love to Lebanon 👏"

Salma's recent support for women in the military can be seen in this post.

Other Celebrities Have Also Joined In

Salma Hayek feels for Beirut
Salma Hayek / Instagram

While many fans responded to Salma Hayek's post, perhaps none was so articulate as this one, "Thank you for sharing 🙏🏻 Lebanon is already suffering from its hardest economic crisis ever, with the Lebanese Pound losing 100% of its value, in addition to political unrest, uprising protests against 30 years of corruption, the pandemic, and today this unbelievable massive explosion. 3000 injuries, 70 deaths and 20 lost till now..."

The Instagram user continued writing, "Imagine what a country that's based 90% on importations is going to do with its main port (and only we can say) completely destroyed..."

Tragic indeed and other celebrities like Naomi Campbell have also joined in to pay their respect to Beirut and all the victims.

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