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Ashley Graham sizzles on Instagram

Ashley Graham Slays Instagram With 'Sexy & Hilarious' Bikini Video Shaving Her Pits

Ashley Graham / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Ashley Graham, one of the world's most well-known plus-size models, who hates the term 'plus-size', just slew Instagram again with a video that showed her being her real and true self, and fans labeled it "sexy and hilarious".

The gorgeous, gorgeous woman with curves that have been setting the world on fire has been normalizing body fat and shapes for long, helping women who do not fall into the "thin spectrum" feel good about themselves.

The video shows her looking hot and being comic, and Instagram is lapping it all up.

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Red Hot Bikini

Ashley Graham sizzles in a gorgeous bikini
Ashley Graham / Instagram

Ashley posted a video of her doing different things and captioned it, "a few things 💦🙃".

In the very first shot, she is shown wearing pants and a tie-up blouse, looking very glam whilst taking a selfie. The next shot moves on to her doing a little shimmy in a red bikini and looking drop-dead gorgeous in it.

A fan wrote, "You’re so inspirational and exactly what all new mums need! 🔥" and it's right on, for Ashley Graham is proud of her body, especially after becoming a mom.

Ashley Graham Gets All Wet

Ashley Graham taking a selfie for Instagram
Ashley Graham / Instagram

In the next shot, Ashley Graham is shown getting ready for kayaking which pans out to show her wet and bedraggled because she fell in and is a self-confessed "not a kayak person".

To this, a fan commented, "“Well I fell in” I’m not a kayaker person either lol, nor an ice skater... I fell flat on my ass & almost broke it"

A bowled-over Instagram fan wrote, "woman goals, girl goals, momma goals, most importantly human goals!"

Clearly Ashley is slaying Instagram by simply being herself.

Fans Loved Her For Keeping It Real

Ashley Graham's "me-size" body
Ashley Graham / Instagram

Ashley Graham loves talking about her "me size" body and body positivity, like she does for her latest shoot for Elle where she is only too happy to show off her stretch marks that she calls "warrior marks".

So in the video too, she is seen frolicking in the backyard in another bikini, as she shows off her cute little boy having a little tub time.

Her fans thanked her "Thank u for keeping it real.💯" and also loved the "The way that this is beautifully chaotic 😭 😂💕"...

Here's some more sexy chaos...

Shaving Her Pits Started A Little Instagram War

Ashley Graham photographed by her husband
Ashley Graham / Instagram

The final shot is a mirrored one with Ashley shaving her pits with some music playing in the background.

This started a little war on Instagram, with one rather shocked Instagram user commenting, "Does a normal human being have to shave their armpits in public?? There is no difference between private and public life?"

Of course, this user proceeded to get trolled by others, like this, "it is useless to talk with you, girl. Let people do whatever they want, who are you to tell her what to do? To tell her what to feel about what she wants freely to post???? You are not God, stop deciding what is appropriate and what it isn't".

Mic drop, and here's the video...

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