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Mariah Carey's Son Moroccan Attempts Getting A 'Hi' For TikTok & Epically Fails

Gettyimages | Ethan Miller
By Jacob Highley

Mariah Carey’s 9-year-old son Moroccan recently filmed a live stream on TikTok where he was asked by a fan whether he could get his mother to say “hi” while the curly-haired influencer was streaming.

The young TikToker’s 50-year-old mother and legendary music artist herself isn’t the most proactive on social media (with her last Instagram post being a week old) but will occasionally share a funny video, a heartfelt message, or a throwback to some of Carey’s career highlights.

But this time Carey didn’t go with the TikTok flow for Moroccan.

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During the live stream he was hosting, Moroccan went into his mom’s office space (not showing her working, keeping the camera on him) and asked if she would say “hi” to his viewers. Carey wanted to know “who” was watching and eventually explained that she wasn’t available since she was on a business call.

Those who saw the clip thought it was quite funny to see how her son reacts telling his viewers that she was on a call. His gestures and attitude towards the interaction were priceless.

M = $150 Million

Mariah Carey black and white
Instagram @mariahcarey

Mariah is quite the entrepreneur as well. She scored numerous commercial deals to promote different things and created several successful product lines. From launching a jewelry line in 2010 to her perfume line with Elizabeth Arden called “M” (which netted her $150 million dollars) it isn’t hard to understand how a business call could be quite important for the “Without You” singer.

In addition to Carey’s successful business endeavors, she has also featured in several films ranging from voice over work to primary roles in live-action movies.

'I Was Like, 'No''

Mariah Carey with curly hair
Instagram @mariahcarey

Mariah told the press in 2018 that she could have completely lost her chance at mega-fame had she taken the offer to sell her music before they became number one hits.

“I had always written songs and, when I was around 18, I was offered $5,000 for all my music and I was like, “No.” All these songs that ended up becoming No. 1 songs later, after I got my deal.”

Though this was just one instance. There was a great deal of struggle staying true to her vision.

'I'm Going To Keep My Songs'


This wasn’t the last time something like this would happen either. Mariah shared how an artist she worked with nearly took her music for her own while Mariah was singing backup for her!

“I was singing background for Brenda K. Starr, and she was like, “You know what, Mariah? I want to do some of your songs. I’ll put them on my album.” I was like, “You know what? I love you and thank you for hiring me but I’m going to keep my songs.” I just believed in them. “

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