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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is taking initiatives to stop large gatherings such as parties.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Allowing Utilities Of Homes With Parties In Them To Be Shut Down

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By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

In the state of California, much of its economy is being shut down again to prevent the spread of COVID-19. People are still having large gatherings though such as mansion parties so they can still live their lives during these crazy times in the world.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is now doing everything possible to prevent these large gatherings from happening. According to CBS Los Angeles, he is authorizing Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to shut down utilities for homes with these gatherings.

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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will now shut down homes with large parties.
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Garcetti says these moves will take place in “egregious” cases where "non-permitted large parties and gatherings take place." City Councilman David Ryu also proposed a motion that would bring more penalties for property owners who hold these large house parties which are classified as violating public health orders.

In this proposal by Ryu, the penalties for large gatherings may include water and power shutdowns, and permitting "prohibitions or having a certificate of occupancy held or revoked for any “large, close-contact, largely maskless gatherings, in direct violation of City Emergency Orders and County Health Orders”.

City Councilman David Ryu has also been critical of these large gatherings.
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Ryu labels these house parties as "irresponsible" and how residents in LA continue to put others at risk.

“Despite a pandemic that has killed thousands in Los Angeles, some homeowners are choosing to put everyone at risk by renting out their homes to massive house parties,” Ryu said. “This is irresponsible bordering on deadly, and it must be stopped. “Whether it takes shutting off utilities or revoking their permits, we must do what it takes to shut these party houses down.”

Fines and misdemeanors will be handed down for individuals who host these house parties.
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The utility shutdowns comes after a house party went down in the Beverly Crest neighborhood of LA which resulted in a shooting. One woman was shot and two others were transported to a local hospital. LAPD later revealed that the incident was occurred due to it being gang-related.

Penalties enforced at this point for these house parties across Los Angeles include fines being handed down towards the party host and homeowner along with misdemeanor charges for repeat offenders of these events.

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On social media, LA residents are approving of this move by Garcetti to crack down on these large gatherings. People are ready to return to normalcy and don't to deal with the frustrations and threats of shutdowns to the economy anymore. People are losing their businesses and lives due to the virus. More people need to start wearing masks, not host house parties and we will get out of this crazy situation in the world sooner than later and be able to live life to the fullest again.

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