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A lovely photo showing Lady Gaga in a low-cut shimmery dress cozying you to Ariana Grande, who has on a long fitted blue dress.

Lady Gaga Tries To Apply A Cream On Ariana Grande’s Face To No Avail

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Favour

Fans never get to hear his much work or how many hours it took for one music video to be achieved. All they talk about is how amazing the graphics were or how badly the lights were placed.

Sometimes, fans don’t even hear about the accidents that happen during a music video shoot. This is why they love it when celebrities give them the hot juices from behind the screens of everything that took place during the video. Those moments are definitely the best.

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Giphy | Lady Gaga

While some singers fight with their make-up artists or get into an argument with the sound guy, others just have fun. Or should we say; get injured and have fun later?

Lady Gaga’s music video for one of her singles titled “Rain On Me,” just came out and her fans are psyched. Well, that’s not all, if you’re going to stick around for more.

As expected, the video featured another iconic singer known as Ariana Grande. But is that all the video featured?

A black and white themed photo featuring Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande rocking matching outfit and high heel shoes.
Instagram | Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga shared with her fans on IGTV, what really went down during the music video shoot. This is where it all got fascinating.

This clip shared by Gaga on August 6, showed collaborator, Grande involved in a slight accident at the fingers of Gaga.

In the clip, Gaga was clearly heard telling a member of her team that she accidentally shanked Grande’s eye with her nails.

Grande was later seen on the floor, with her phone, trying to get a picture of the injury.

An amazing selfie showing Ariana Grande rocking her signature ponytail.
Instagram | Ariana Grande

Gaga felt very embarrassed by the situation she had caused and offered to apply Neosporin on Grande’s face.

But to her surprise, the “God Is A Woman” singer did not want the cream to be applied. In the clip, Gaga could be heard calling out to the singer and trying to get the cream on her face, but all this was to no avail.

After a moment of shoveling and struggling, Grande finally broke free of Gaga’s grasp and ran away.

Lady Gaga gets sun-kissed in a revealing black suit with long and short coral beads beautifully displayed on her neck and a sun shield on her face.
Instagram | Lady Gaga

So funny! One would think the duo were acting a comedy skit after shooting a music video.

Although fans did not want the hilarious drama to end, they also found out the meaning of the music video

“What I really want to do in this video, so much, is to celebrate women.” Gaga was heard saying in the clip.

The entire shooting hours and obviously, Grande’s scratched eye, paid off in the end. Gaga’s album titled “Chromatica” bagged nine nominations at the MTV VMAs.

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