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Chelsea Houska poses for a photo

Chelsea Houska Flaunts Stunning Baby Bump In Spandex With Total Kids She Wants Revealed

By Rebecca Cukier

Chelsea Houska is officially pregnant and showing. The "Teen Mom 2" star revealed she's expecting her fourth baby on Wednesday, with the 28-year-old not waiting long to make her baby bump debut. Chelsea updated her Instagram on Thursday to show off a sizeable bump, she chose a super-cute outfit to flaunt it, and she's been pretty active in the comments section with fans asking just about everything.

Chelsea is already a mom to 10-year-old Aubree, 3-year-old Watson, and 1-year-old Layne. Scroll for the shot and the Q&A.

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Unusual Baby Announcement

Chelsea Houska shares her family's names on a wood board
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Chelsea opted out of the traditional sonogram announcement as she snagged herself over 1 million likes for announcing her news yesterday. The South Dakota-based star showed a plain wooden doorway panel with a list of names. They read:

"Cole, Chelsea, Aubree, Watson, Layne," with the MTV face then adding "Baby" plus a heart emoji. She captioned her photo: "One more DeBoer! Coming early 2021."

Chelsea and 2016-married husband Cole are in the process of building a famhouse-style mansion, likely where the names were written. They currently live in the $418,000 property they purchased in 2018.

Chelsea's selfie today was a totally different story.

"Hiiiiiii Little Babe'

Chelsea Houska poses for a baby bump selfie in shorts
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Chelsea, who had taken to her Instagram stories to thank everyone for their support, did reveal that the bump was already showing early – she put it down to this being baby #4.

Today's photo came as a selfie with Chelsea seen in a graphic white tee, plus a high-waisted pair of speck gray shorts. A lifted shirt helped showcase the bump as Chelsea wrote: "Hiiiii little babe 🤍."

Over half a million likes were left in four hours. Chelsea's 5.7 million followers have also been getting answers to their questions.

Reveals How Many Kids She Wants – Well, 98.5% Sure

Chelsea Houska poses with daughter Aubree by a lake
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

A fan asked: "How many kids do you want?" with Chelsea replying that "this little babe will probably complete the fam!"

Then again, when Houska was challenged by a fan writing: "As you say, probably," the mom of three seemed to possibly change her mind, saying:

"Hahaha I mean I'm 98.5% sure but maybe we'll get wild hair in like 5 years who knows."

Also asked was whether Chelsea wanted a boy or a girl and how people find out so fast – "Blood test," Chelsea replied. Those questions kept on coming.

Asked About Anxiety And Replies

Chelsea Houska poses for a selfie in sweats
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Chelsea, who has admitted to suffering from anxiety in the past, was asked how she's handling it while being pregnant. The Lauribelles partner replied that in the past she was "sooooo hard on myself for breastfeeding or not." This time around, however, Chelsea is "confident just knowing I want to do what's best for my mental health and that baby will be fine either way!"

Chelsea shot to fame on MTV's "16 & Pregnant" before becoming a core member of "Teen Mom 2." Her pregnancy news comes shortly after co-star Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her fourth son. Scroll for Kailyn's placenta smoothie.

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