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A photo showing supporters of the #FreeBritney movement.

Britney Spears' Family Members Speak Out On Conservatorship! Lawyers Reportedly Upset

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By Favour

For weeks now, fans have been cheering on social media, for the #FreeBritney movement and so far, it seems like nothing has been heard. However, the campaign caused some members of Britney Spears’ family to open up about the conservatorship she is been placed on for years.

These interviews, granted by her siblings and parents, has reportedly put her lawyers in a difficult position. An unknown source revealed that the legal team is unhappy with the family for speaking out about the conservatorship.

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Britney Spears looks adorable in this outdoor post showing her in a white blouse with blue flower designs and her hair is decorated with lovely pink flowers.
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Since 2008, Spears has been deemed unable to handle her financial responsibilities, hence, she was placed in the care of her lawyers and parents. While this seemed fine for a while, fans started wondering why she has not been redeemed from that lifestyle for years.

It has been 11 years and counting and the singer has been leading an amazing lifestyle for years. This begs the question; why don’t they want her in control of her assets?

Fans have been seeking an answer to this questions for weeks, but so far, nothing has come up.


A report from Us Weekly, confirmed that Spears’ mother and brother have decided to give an interview that would definitely stop people from continuing with the movement on and off social media.

The report also stated that Spears’ legal team is not pleased that her family is going public with how the singer feels and the hopes she has to be free soon.

This has put millions of fans in a confused state, as they are wondering if Spears’ parents were also placed under conservatorship.

A lovely photo of Britney Spears and her significant other on a horse ride in a mountain area.
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There have been reports of the strictness of the conservatorship, but no one knew that it declined her parents and siblings the right to speak freely.

Spears’ dad also gave an interview that raised a lot of eye brows recently. He said that the movement was a conspiracy and that no one knew exactly what was happening. He also went on to say that if the conservatorship was to come to an end, it’s only a California court that would determine it.

Britney Spears looks amazing in this long-sleeve crop-top and her neck is decorated with a white bead necklace.
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Finally, he told fans that they should back off and let his family have their privacy.

“I love my daughter. I love all my kids. But this is our business. It’s private.” He said.

As usual, these statements were not enough to sway the public from the goal for Britney Spears to be free of the conservatorship she was placed on 11 years ago.

An insider recently revealed to “Heat,” that Spears will soon come forward with her side of the story. She is also set to reveal to everyone how the past facade has been for her and if she wants out of the conservatorship.

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