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'The View' Host Meghan McCain

'The View' Host Meghan McCain Makes Her Future With The Show Clear

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By Clark Sparky

Meghan McCain is sick and tired of being asked if she's leaving "The View," or possibly being fired from her spot on the talk show. She was a guest on "Watch What Happens Live" on Wednesday and told Andy Cohen she fully intends to return to the show when it resumes new episodes next month.

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“Why does everyone have to ask me if I’m getting fired or quitting every 20 minutes? No other host has to deal with this BS,” McCain told Cohen. “Yes, I’m coming back. It’s an election cycle. I hate this.”

She was asked specifically about that upcoming election and if she will vote for democrat Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

“I want to see who he chooses [for vice president] and I really want to see how this plays out, and I want to see the debates.”

Just last week, McCain also told fans that she is returning to the show when she tweeted about "The View" taking a brief summer hiatus.

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“Thank you for a really wild, intense but memorable season. Today is our last episode and we are on hiatus for the summer,” McCain tweeted. “Grateful for this platform, my co-hosts, our fearless The View team, and one of the last truly uncensored spaces in all of television. See you in September!”

McCain is currently pregnant with her first child, but she has no intention of taking a permanent leave from the show after she gives birth. In a tweet last month, which was later deleted, she said she will be back after her maternity leave.


“Buncha jackasses on social media saying they hope I get fired from The View when I go on maternity leave because it will be a great excuse when I give birth,” she wrote. “[This] is why the patriarchy is alive [and] strong and why career women continue to put off starting families so long. Such bullshit.”

Some of the speculation that she might leave has come from her frequent clashes with the show's other hosts. McCain is the only conservative voice on the panel.

During an argument last month about kids going back to school amid the coronavirus pandemic, she let her frustration show.

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