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Britney Spears poses looking at the camera

Britney Spears' Skimpy Salsa Session Challenged By Instagram

Britney Spears/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Britney Spears received zero complaints over her smokeshow body while busting out moves last night, but the 38-year-old's fans had issues with the description used for the dance display. Britney, followed by 25.9 million on Instagram, updated her account on Wednesday night with hip-swiveling moves to "Nights in Mexico" by acoustic guitar artist Alysha Sheldon.

Britney, a regular with the low-key and home-set dance shows over on her IG, seemingly nailed every move, but her fans have been dubbing the "salsa" caption a slight fail.

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Starts Off Straight-Forward

Britney Spears dancing in her home in shorts
Britney Spears/Instagram

Scroll for the video racking the "Womanizer" singer up over 1.5 million views overnight. It showed Britney solo, in the living room of her L.A. mansion, and shaking her stuff, complete with the signature ab display.

Britney, seen in a tiny blue-and-pink patterned shorts and a sports bra showing off her killer muscles, also rocked messy blonde hair worn down – handy for flipping around as the 1 minute, 4 second video also included twirls and Britney's gorgeous smile. The issue appeared to be the words accompanying the dancing.

'Salsa' Caption Causes Issues With Fans

Britney Spears poses in a crop top outdoors
Britney Spears/Instagram

A caption from Britney read: "Getting my salsa 💃 on … it’s been a while folks 🌹🌹🌹!!!!."

Over 1,000 likes were left to an affectionate comment reading: "Britney i love you but that's not salsa😂♥️." Meanwhile, a similar reply garnering even more likes told the pop princess:

"😄 The writer of this caption clearly doesn't know what Salsa is. A dancer like Britney would know that. TRY AGAIN!" The replies were met with agreement from many – "Agree, that's not salsa 😂," one wrote, but they likewise came matched with the general consensus now sweeping the singer's social media. Fans simply don't think she's the one posting.

Scroll for the darker thoughts after the video.

Suggestions She's Not The One Posting

Britney Spears poses in a floral crop top
Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney, still under the 2008-commenced conservatorship seeing father Jamie Spears control her finances and other aspects of her life, now sees a massive #FreeBritney resurgence as her situation receives more attention. On July 22, Spears was due to appear in court to revisit the conservatorship, proving a no-show with "technical difficulties" cited as the reason for her absence.

Far more concerning for fans, however, have been repetitive posts filling Britney's Instagram. These are deemed to be indicative of a control situation, per the star's followers: "She's not the one posty," one fan wrote last night.

'This Situation Is Getting Scarier Every Day'

Britney Spears poses in a white crop top
Britney Spears/Instagram

If you need a refresh, the repetitive posts have included 12+ photos of Britney shot against a red wall this year, with the backdrop then shifting to white or yellow, also including the singer's backyard. Similar outfits have also manifested. For #FreeBritney, it's getting too much.

"This situation is getting scarier every day...," a fan wrote. Over 3,300 users agreed. As dad Jamie blasts #FreeBritney and labels it both a "joke" and a "conspiracy theory," while mom Lynne legally files for involvement in her daughter's finances, fans are left praying for the singer's well-being. Britney has defended accusations that she's not okay calling herself "authentic," but followers aren't convinced she's okay.

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