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Stassi and Beau taking a selfie

‘VPR’ Beau Clark Mocked For Tone Deaf ‘Anniversary’ IG Post, Fans Question His Intelligence

@stassischroeder IG
By Kay Lewis

Beau Clark and Stassi Schroeder are not the most popular people currently, but Clark may have just cemented their position with the haters with yet another ridiculous Instagram post. The soon-to-be daddy hopped on the gram to share a sentimental post about his fiancé Schroeder and their baby. “Happy Anniversary to my Sweets! One year of Engagement! Can’t wait to be a parent with you 🥰,” wrote Clark. He accompanied the caption with a picture showing off Schroeder’s adorable bump. The one fans have been dying to see.

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The Cast Rallied Around Them

Beau and Stassi on enjoying the day out on a boat
@thegoodthebadthebogie IG

The reality stars got all the regular congratulations and jokes from their cast members like Katie Maloney who wrote, “happy engagement anniversary!” and problematic Jax Taylor who jokingly asked Schroeder if she was sure that was a baby and “not just all Hidden Valley Ranch” dressing. Schroder also got in on the love by thanking the special guy in her life. “I love youuuu. We may not get to have our fancy ass wedding this year, but I get to carry your little alien baby, so we goooood. ❤️❤️❤️.”

Followers Were Annoyed

Beau and Stassi taking a selfie
@thegoodthebadthebogie IG

It wasn’t all roses unfortunately for the couple because a good mix of haters and fans needed some answers immediately. Why in the world were they celebrating an engagement anniversary? Is this celebration a well-kept secret from anyone who isn’t engaged? “Engagement anniversary? Stop. You’re desperate for attention,” wrote one follower. “Q: Who celebrates an engagement anniversary? A: People who are desperate for attention. Bye Stassi. We don’t care, your 15 minutes of fame are over,” wrote another disgruntled follower.

Stassi Is Still "Cancelled"

Giphy | T. Kyle

Many people seem sick of Schroeder being a topic of discussion and a lot of them have wanted to do away with her altogether. “Why do yah still post her? Cancel! 👋🏾 NEXT,” one fan asked the gossip site “iRealHousewives”. Followers just don’t want to deal with her since her scandalous firing from “Vanderpump Rules”. Some believe that Schroeder and Clark are using her pregnancy to gain attention and hopefully get endorsements. “By posting and sharing this content, we are actively working to regift them a platform in no time. Let’s do better,” they wrote.

They Are Having A Girl

Stassi and Beau taking a selfie
@thegoodthebadthebogie IG

The two actually have been quite selective about what they post especially when it comes to the 32-year-olds pregnancy. The last time Clark shared a pregnancy update was over a month ago where he wrote “I was raised by great women, and the lessons I learned from them I’ll FW to my daughter and then some! She will be great, powerful, humble, kind, loving, compassionate, and a dash from Kesha... 🎶“She’ll be a motherf*cking WOMAN!!!🎶 #thankful.” The gender reveal was accompanied by a photo of himself and Schroeder smiling gleefully as he holds up a pink onesie that reads “OOTD”.

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