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Kelis Reveals She's Pregnant With 3rd Child On Instagram!

Gettyimages | Tim Roney
By Jacob Highley

Kelis just posted the results of a recent pregnancy test on Instagram and social media is buzzing! The 40-year-old “Bounce” singer has been very active posting updates as she tries different culinary dishes and shows off what it is like living on a ranch.

Although Kelis hasn’t created music for about 5 years now, she has uploaded several throwback videos with cool “visualization” to some of her best hits. This was appreciated by fans, but many are super eager for some new tracks to be released.

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'Table For 5 Please'

Kelis with pregnancy test
Instagram @kelis

The poofy haired singer shared a lengthy post sharing how excited she is to be pregnant again.

“Chef Kelis - table for 5 please. We’re adding one more! 🤰🏾🖤 Happy to announce that I’m expecting…”

Many applaud Kelis for being so excited over a third. With so many things to worry about in this day and age, many have changed their view on families with more than 2 children.

And although this is her third, the experience is just as exciting. Getting things around the house is always a bit of an endeavor, but finds humor in it anyway.

'Do What You Gotta Do'


“It’s pretty much my husband and me looking after the farm. You get up in the morning and do what you gotta do, and then you look around and you’re like: Why does it still look like this? Oh my God!”

She went on to describe how she’s never wanted to be stereotyped in a specific kind of music genre or be the kind of parent who stopped living life because of her kids.

Her life has become much more passion-filled and she still manages to raise her children well.

'Hanging Out In Jazz Clubs'

Kelis with rainbow hair
Gettyimages | Stefanie Keenan

When asked what prompted this kind of approach to parenting and life in general, Kelis replied explaining how it had to do with how she was raised.

“I grew up hanging out in jazz clubs, falling asleep there with people stepping over me, because that’s where my parents were, so they just took me. But you look at parents today and they’re like: ‘Oh my God, it’s nap time, I can’t talk to you!’ And it’s all: ‘We can’t go there because we have kids!’ I’m like, did we die when we had kids?”


Kelis with flaming red hair
Gettyimages | Frank Hoensch

Kelis says that she is not going to raise her kids like some others do. The former “Masked Singer” contestant shared how she wants to help her children mature by letting them experience what others would shield them from.

“I’m hypersensitive to the stuff my parents fought for because they weren’t sheltering me from the realities. Now it’s like parents stop everything and shield their kids – from everything! Then they become these adults who have no taste and no concept of what was being fought for before because they weren’t privy to it..."

Many have applauded Kelis' parenting style on social media and are super excited that she'll be having another child!

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