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Kate Beckinsale Gets Slithering 'Alien' Surprise In Her Home

Gettyimages | Presley Ann
By Gary Trock

Kate Beckinsale doesn't have a problem when it comes to battling werewolves and vampires, but she did not sign up to battle a squirrely alien tentacle in her own home! The "Underworld" star took to Instagram this week and shared a vile gift that was left behind by her unauthorized visitor.

"It is absolutely not chill to anonymously detach your tail or alien tentacle in my spare room, unprovoked," Beckinsale wrote alongside a video of a reptilian tail that was writhing on her floor.

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Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Beckinsale added that she had a better celebrity for her mystery creature to harass:

"Can the creatures please move on to someone else like say, Steve Carell,who I feel would scream less and possibly approach, intrigued, in some nice pressed chinos rather than have to nervously wear an iron codpiece for say, forever."

One of Beckinsale's Hollywood pals, Chelsea Handler, seconded her disgust for the tail:

"That is awful. If I saw that, I’d have to move," the comedian wrote on Beckinsale's Instagram feed.

Culprit Identified?

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Luckily for Beckinsale, there was at least one reptile fan out of her millions of followers, who explained where the tail probably came from:

"Most likely from a gecko or anole lizard they are breeding this time of year. They get into houses through small ass spaces cause the eggs are extra extra small," the person commented.

The explanation didn't sit well with Beckinsale, who actually responded to the fan: "ASS SPACES?!"

Looks like the "Underworld" star is going to be extra careful in the next few days.

'Pardon My Farts'

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Beckinsale was horrified by the lizard tail, but luckily she's been able to keep herself occupied with some lighter moments, especially involving her amazing mother, Judy Loe.

Showing off a "fill in the blank" word game she was playing with her mother, Beckinsale admitted, "My mother hesitated on this one," when prompted with: "Pardon My ___!"

Among the choices offered were, "English, Outburst, French" and of course, "Farts." We'll le you decide on which one fans thought Beckinsale and her mother should choose.

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