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Jason Momoa with long hair

Jason Momoa Just Blew The Internet Away With Romantic Gesture For Wife Lisa Bonet

Gettyimages | NICK AGRO
By Jacob Highley

Jason Momoa is most well known today for his portrayal of the iconic DC character “Aquaman”. The 41-year-old actor is as much a hero fictionally as in reality and his family knows it!

Jason recently gave the gift of a lifetime to his beloved wife Lisa Bonet. A gift that he says was 14 years in the making.

The gift he would give her was so much more than an item or a small gesture of affection. It was so extravagant that it made his wife cry.

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The Custom Ride

Jason Momoa with car
Instagram @prideofgypsies

A rare Mustang was his wife’s first car when the two were together, but the car had become run down and unusable. The memories the two had together in that car were very special for them, and there were actually only 3 of that kind of car ever made.

Going above and beyond with his gesture of love for his wife, Momoa had a special auto-body shop remake LIsa’s car completely. The video was posted on YouTube, and Jason shared a small video on his Instagram showing off the experience.

Met In A Bar

Jason Momoa on motorbike
Instagram @prideofgypsies

The couple originally met at a bar and found that they had much in common. They both liked grits and Guinness beer, and as they continued their conversation, Jason said that she was the woman for him.

They now have two children together and enjoy living on a ranch. They take frequent walks, spend time with family outings, and go on romantic dates from time to time. (Although they aren’t always inclined to share their romance like other couples on social media)

Blooper Reel

Jason momoa with black and white shirt
Instagram @prideofgypsies

Their wedding was super romantic and Momoa sees the event as one of the most meaningful events of his life.

Jason sometimes has his wife feature in different videos or posts from time to time. Recently Jason had Lisa feature in his Super Bowl commercial and showed bloopers from the filming of the comedic advertisement.

He recalls that the commercial was one of the best he ever filmed, especially since his wife was there. His kids are constantly filmed and photographed too, special moments in their family are treasured.

Better Off

Jason Momoa at comic con
Wikimedia |

Jason has a special relationship with fans. His portrayal of a character that has a moderate fan base in the DC universe, but not the best reputation, made Momoa something of a comic book hero icon. “Aquaman” was a massive box-office hit and it put Jason on the map as one of the most sought after actors since its release.

That being said, when Momoa featured in “Baywatch” he said agents wouldn’t work with him because the movie was primarily focused on his physical appearance and not his acting skills.

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