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Migos rapper Takeoff is being sued by a woman who claimed he raped her at a party in Los Angeles in June.

Migos Rapper, Takeoff, Is Being Sued By Woman As She Says He Raped Her At Party In LA In June

Gettyimages | Nicholas Hunt
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Takeoff has always been a very underrated member of Atlanta hip-hop group, Migos. He's delivered impressive bars and comes through every time. Now, he's dealing with some very serious legal issues.

According to TMZ, a woman who listed herself in court as Jane Doe is suing Takeoff as she claimed that he raped her at a party in Los Angeles on June 23.. The woman said he was making her feel very uncomfortable and that's when the sexual assault happened in the bedroom of the person who invited him.

Takeoff allegedly raped the woman after she denied interest in her and after she was hanging out with another man.
Gettyimages | Prince Williams

Court documents state that the uncomfortable feeling came when Takeoff began staring at her and when he offered her marijuana. The woman then went upstairs with the man who invited her to the party. From that point, Takeoff got angry and argued with the man as the woman ended up waiting in his bedroom.

When the arguing concluded, Takeoff ended up going inside the room and touching her buttocks. She quickly shut down any desire to want to do anything sexual with him.

Takeoff's charges against him are sexual battery, assault, emotional distress, and other damages.
Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky

From then, Takeoff flipped her over face-down, took her clothes off, and began raping her. As soon as he was done, he left the bedroom. The woman went to a local hospital the same day to get herself checked out and they concluded that she was a victim of forceful rape. The hospital then got in contact with LAPD to report the incident.

According to West Coast Trial Lawyers to The Blast, the woman now suffers from severe emotional and physical harm, humiliation, distress, fright, grief and shame, among other damages.

“Our client is in shock and fears retaliation from speaking out,” says her lawyer Neama Rahmani, of West Coast Trial Lawyers. “We don’t yet know all the facts nor who might have witnessed events that evening. We hope this lawsuit will prompt the police to quickly move forward and that through discovery we can uncover more evidence of what happened that night.”

Takeoff performing at one of Migos' concerts.
Gettyimages | Vivien Killilea

Social media has since been canceling Takeoff, something they never imaged that they'd have to do. Everyone has always viewed him as a very unproblematic artist.

"Takeoff’s victim went straight to a hospital for a rape kit where they immediately called 911 and it’s still going to be men (the same ones screaming get a SAE kit and call cops) still questioning the validity of the story," said @JediCarterr on Twitter in defense of people trying to question the validity of the woman's claims.

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

If this incident did take place, what Takeoff did shouldn't be tolerated at all. His position as a rapper shouldn't be an excuse to get women he wants at any costs.

Migos have recently been building momentum with their "Need It" single featuring NBA Youngboy. The group is expected to release their 'Culture 3' album sometime this year. The sequel was released back in January of 2018. They've released solo projects since then with Quavo becoming the biggest star on other artists' features.

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