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50 Cent on red carpet

50 Cent Shares Picture Of His Butt For Emmys To 'Kiss' After 'Power' Snubbing

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By Jacob Highley

50 Cent is known for many things. The 45-year-old rapper has become an active entrepreneur building a business brand for himself, he released a book “Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter”, has had some especially attractive romantic relationships, and has become one of the most unabashed outspoken social media influencers in years.

Although not necessarily a political activist, 50 often speaks his mind about anything and anyone, many times saying what would probably never be said. His colorful language and different perspective on life make him highly followed online.

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'Kiss My Black A'

50 cent with son
Instagram@50 cent

The rapper posted saying that he had little appreciation or grace towards the Emmy’s after they chose to nominate shows that didn’t include “Power Book II: Ghost”.

“The EMMY’s can kiss my black a-- in slow motion,” he wrote at the time. “F--- em I’m #1 They a bunch of Bengay my back hurt smelling a-- old people anyway. LOL.”

After posting that statement, he actually followed through with his jocular post by posting a picture of his rear! (Although it appears to be a lifelike portrayal of it.

'A Bit More Comfortable'

50 cent smoking cigar
Instagram @50cent

50 has revealed during interviews that staying home more in light of the Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t actually been a detriment on his personality or sanity. In fact, being able to be at home alone has been quite refreshing since he is often surrounded by his household staff. He expressed how he is continually learning something about himself.

“I’ve become a bit more comfortable with being in my own space. I don’t think being at home is a punishment.”

He has taken to social media sharing much more because of this lately.

'In Hip-Hop'

50 cent with gold watch
Instagram @50 cent

50 shared how being able to communicate his pain and story became something of a legend for fans. He doesn’t consider himself to be the best rapper or performer, but his authenticity created a reputation for himself that couldn’t be copied.

“In hip-hop, people are looking for the damage. And you come in and they look at you, and they can see the damage. They can see the experience, the story, why you are where you are. You can offer something unique.”

'Works For A While'

50 cent with gold chain
Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman

Because of his musical success, he realized that people related to his music because he had a harsh upbringing and lifestyle. But as he grew successful, people didn’t relate to him as much. (He sold millions of albums)

“It works for a while, but then as you continue to be successful you don’t have that same damage. People have expiration dates. You can’t see it, but their time’s up and they almost implode in front of you.”

He explained how he started acting as a way to create a broader career path for himself.

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