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An amazing photo showing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry waving with cute smiles on their faces.

Royal Expert Likens Meghan Markle To Lady Macbeth! Calls Her A Predator

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By Favour

At this time, Meghan Markle is no longer shocked by the criticism that comes her way. If anything, they have been in play since she became a member of the royal family. Over the years, tabloids have claimed that the duchess has influenced Prince Harry’s decisions and even made some herself. Although these are just speculations, they keep coming day in, day out.

Recently, a royal expert said that Markle is exactly like Lady Macbeth and she has manipulated Prince Harry to do her bidding. Talk about a bold statement!

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A lovely photo showing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle smiling and staring at each other passionately during an event.
Instagram | Harry & Meghan

Lady Colin Campbell, a Royal biographer, popular for her specific dislike for Markle, discussed her findings with “The Sun” recently. This is coming after a book titled “Finding Freedom,” which detailed how the duchess was poorly treated by the royal family, was published.

In totality, Campbell has written six books about the royal household, one of which is titled “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story.” This book talked about the couple and how Meghan preys on the weakness of her husband to make decisions for them.

A photo of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry dressed in casual clothes as they stare at an obscure image.
Instagram | Harry & Meghan

At the beginning of the interview, Campbell talked about how she remembered Prince Harry.

“Meghan’s influence is very reminiscent of Lady Macbeth. it’s so sad because I remember Harry growing up and he was great with my kids.” Campbell said.

She also went on to say that Markle played of Harry’s weakness, the same way Kate Middleton played on prince William’s strength.

“Meghan shares a lot of Harry’s weaknesses. He is hyper-emotional, over-the-top, rushes where wise people don’t and is extremely self-important.” Campbell explained.

A photo of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry waving at a crowd from a distance. Meghan has on a green skirt and black blouse with a long jacket while Harry has on a grey suit and pant.
Instagram | Harry & Meghan

Campbell also mentioned how much she fears for Prince Harry.

In her opinion, Markle is a predator, who will stop at nothing to manipulate the prince into doing her bidding. Campbell also mentioned that Markle had no idea how to behave like a proper princess, citing that the late Princess Diana knew better.

“Meghan appears to me, very good at talking the talk and not walking the walk. She is leading Harry down a path he will struggle to find his way back from. I fear for them.” She said.

Giphy | BBC

Another biographer known as Angela Levin also shared her thoughts on who she thinks Meghan Markle is. Speaking with “Royal Tea” recently, Levin described Markle as a fiercely ambitious woman, who always wants to be first at everything.

She also said that Markle’s ambitions were too much for the royal family to handle.

The interviewer in response, said that the order of things in the royal family, is that after the Queen, her heir is second, then Williams comes third.

Levin then said that Harry was not so pleased with this because Markle wasn’t number one.

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