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A photo of Kevin Hart caught in motion and he has on a green jacket with blue tapping.

Kevin Hart Opens Up On The Backlash He’s Facing After Showing Support For Ellen DeGeneres

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By Favour

Kevin Hart rose to the occasion in defense of Ellen DeGeneres recently and found himself in an awkward situation. Although fans love him for all the excitement and laughter he brings to them, they’ll not fail to call him out when he does something they do not like.

There have been rumors surrounding Ellen and her awful work ethics, but till now, no one has been able to show convincing proof. Some people that she has worked with in the past, talked about her rude and obnoxious work environment.

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An amazing black and white themed photo of Kevin Hart standing with a cold expression on his face.
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According to reports, an investigation has been launched to find out what really went down during her time with Warner Bros. lot.

It was during this period that Hart took to his social media page to show his unending support for Ellen and his fans were disappointed at him. In his statement, the comedian said he has known Ellen for many years and he can attest to her amazing lifestyle. He also went on to say that she has treated his family with nothing but love and respect since they knew each other.

Kevin Hart’s smile is breath-taking in this photo, where he is rocking a white hoodie with a blue shirt and trainers to match, on a boat.
Instagram | Kevin Hart

This is why he is finding it very difficult to believe the allegations that has been made against her.

Furthermore, Hart talked about the toxicity from the internet and how many people nowadays, thrive on the downfall of others.

“I stand by the ones I know and that I love. Looking forward to the future where we get back to loving one another. This hate shit has to stop. Hopefully, it goes out of style soon. This post is not meant to disregard the feelings of others and their experiences. It’s simply to show why my experiences have been with my friend. Love you for life Ellen.” Hart wrote.


Hart’s message went viral almost immediately and many of his fans accused him of making tone-deaf comments. They also said that his willingness to support Ellen despite all the accusations, stems from the close relationship he has with her.

These backlashes also gave rise to a scandal that Hart was involved in years ago. The “Jumanji” actor was expelled from the Oscars because of his comments about the LGBTQ community in the past.

A lot of people were disappointed with the actor and his opinions on social media.

A photo showing Kevin Hart, dressed in a denim jacket and pant, with matching shoes and he is leaning on his old skool car.
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However, Ellen was the only one who invited him on her show, to explain vividly, what he meant. She was also the only one who stood up for him during that period. This is why many believe that the actor is blindly supporting her, without checking the facts.

Fans also slammed Hart for not standing up for Nick Cannon, after he made anti-Semitic comments on social media. Hart responded to these comments by saying that Nick was in home during the fallout and they both worked through it.

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