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Soap Fans Upset Over Courtney Hope's Exit

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By Carol Cassada

Since its return to the air, "The Bold and the Beautiful" has been filled with a lot of cast changes.

The show is introducing new characters and also bringing back old faves. Now with the recent news, it seems that they're planning to get rid of a few characters.

Yesterday, the buzz on the soap community was Courtney Hope's exit from B&B.

The actress took to Instagram to reveal the news. She said being on the show was an incredible journey and that her time as Sally had come to an end.

Sally Spectra Character


Courtney Hope joined "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 2017 in the role of Sally Spectra.

She's the niece and namesake of the original Sally Spectra, played by the late Darlene Conley.

Sally arrives in Los Angeles to take over her aunt's business Spectra Fashions. With the help of her grandmother, sisters, and friends Sally tries to make her fashion company a success.

Right off the bat, Sally becomes a thorn in the side of Forrester Creations. Just like her aunt, Sally resorts to underhanded tricks to get a head up on the competition.

She often steals Forrester designs to pass them off as her own, which leads to a rivalry with her and Steffy Forrester.

Sally's Romances


The new version of Sally Spectra caused mixed reactions at first, but fans eventually found themselves liking the character.

They felt she was a breathe of fresh air and it gave them a break from the ongoing Hope, Liam, and Steffy saga.

While Sally's focus was on her business, she did find time to spruce up her love life.

She began a romance with Thomas Forrester, the brother of her rival Steffy. However, just as Thomas and Sally's relationship was heating up, he dumped her to return to his ex-girlfriend Caroline Spencer, whom he believed was dying.

When Thomas learned of Caroline and Bill's deception, he returned to Sally. But again their relationship ended when Thomas realized he loved Caroline and moved to New York to be with her.

A down on her luck Sally briefly left Los Angeles, but returned with no family and no job. Wyatt Spencer took Sally in and before long a romance bloomed between the two, much to the chagrin of Wyatt's mother Quinn.

Sally soon found a job designing for Forrester Creations, and just as things were looking up, problems ensued.

Wyatt's ex-girlfriend Flo Fulton came to town, and it was evident the feelings between him and her were still there. Wyatt dumped Sally to be with Flo.

However, after learning that Flo was part of a baby switch cover-up involved his brother Liam Spencer's daughter, Wyatt broke up with Flo.

He then went crawling back to Sally, who agreed to give him another chance. Wyatt then proposed to Sally, who happily accepted. However, Flo was still an issue and Wyatt realized he wasn't over her, so he once again broke up with Sally.

Yet, upon learning from Katie Logan that Sally was dying, Wyatt went back to her. Wyatt didn't want Sally to be alone as she faced this crisis.

However, Flo and fans would soon learn that Sally wasn't dying. Her illness was just a plot to win back Wyatt.

Reaction To Sally's Exit

Gettyimages | Greg Doherty

Viewers were upset with Sally's recent storyline, which had her go from heroine to villain.

Their frustration increased upon hearing the news that Courtney Hope would soon be exiting the show.

Courtney is considered a great actress and this past week she's been praised for her performance as Sally broke down when her scheme was exposed.

Many fans felt that "The Bold and the Beautiful" wasted Courtney's talent and there was so much potential for her character.

On Twitter, B&B fans blasted the show for getting their treatment of Sally just to make Flo Fulton their new heroine.

Many are threatening to boycott the show and have even drawn up petitions in order to keep Sally on the show.

What's Next For Courtney?


With her B&B exit coming, many are wondering what's next for the star.

Usually when an actor or actress leaves a soap opera, they're picked up by another show.

Many feel that an actress with Courtney's talent would be better suited at another soap opera.

"General Hospital" is one soap that's a top contender to snatch up Courtney. Her boyfriend Chad Duell works on the ABC soap and she could be brought in as a new love interest for his character.

"Days of Our Lives" is another show that fans have said they'd love to see Courtney on. Plus, there's also B&B's sister soap "The Young and the Restless" who could use her.

Wherever Courtney ends up, fans just want her to be happy and hope that she'll be given the opportunity to showcase her talent.

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