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Ryan Reynolds wearing suit and tie

Ryan Reynolds Shares 'Secret' Cut Version Of Green Lantern, Fans Say 'Better Than Actual Movie'

Gettyimages | Keith Tsuji
By Jacob Highley

Ryan Reynolds has been on a bit of a comedy streak for about a week now. The 43-year-old actor has had one of the most colorful careers in cinema since he had his big break in the “Two Guys & A Girl” sitcom in the late 1990s to early 2000s.

From comedy movies like “National Lampoon's Van Wilder” to rom-coms like “The Proposal”, Reynolds made a name for himself as a phenomenal actor across different genres.

Yet when Ryan took the lead role for the movie “Deadpool” in 2016, everything changed.

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Ryan Reynolds wearing suit
Instagram @vancityreynolds

Anyone who has followed Ryan for some time knows that he has become something of a comedic staple in cinema. Although he can often take a serious role, his name is practically synonymous with comedy at this point.

The “Deadpool” series of movies released with Marvel has left Reynolds with no personal image. He has forever become the Deadpool character, and he has 7 prestigious awards for his performance in that movie to prove it.

Playing on that note frequently, Ryan has continued to share quite a few hilarious parodies of his previous movies. Including “Green Lantern”.

Forever In A Different Light

Ryan Reynolds with Marvel Studios background
Instagram @vancityreynolds

Ryan is one of the most down-to-earth actors in Hollywood. His referencing of the Marvel or DC fandom and fictional feud with fellow movie star Hugh Jackman continues to attract millions of social media followers.

His aforementioned “Green Lantern” post was both irrefutably brilliant and harsh all at the same time. It all comes back to the DC fan base who didn’t like the live-action adaption of the iconic green superhero justice character.

Comically, Ryan fully agrees and has taken measures so that a critical light will forever be shed on the movie.

Romance In Unexpected Places


Also, rather ironically, it has been noted on quite a few occasions that Ryan met his current wife Blake Lively on the set of “Green Lantern”. Blake played Ryan’s love interest, and things kind of spiraled into a romantic relationship after that.

The two repeatedly poke fun at each other for their previous movie roles and because the two of them have three children. The busyness of being a movie star is something the two will talk about, and previous interviews have revealed just how much of a family man Ryan is.

'Favorite Movie'

Ryan Reynolds with suit and tie smiling
Gettyimages | Keith Tsuji

Although Deadpool was massively successful for Ryan, the “Sexiest Man Alive” (which he was named several times) posted on Instagram sharing how the filming of his newest film “Free Guy” was his favorite project to work on.

“It’s my favorite movie I’ve ever done. Just an absolute fastball of joy. Can’t wait to get it out there. On... December 11th?”

Although the date of release is not exactly concrete, those who have had the chance to watch the film pre-release claim the movie is outstanding.

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