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Will Rick And Maya Return To B&B?

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By Carol Cassada

With "The Bold and the Beautiful" now back on the air with new episodes, there's a lot of changes and surprises in store for fans.

Of course, one of the biggest stories is the new love interest for Steffy Forrester.

Plus, there's the return of Zende Dominguez, now played by Delon de Metz. As viewers will remember, the last time Zende was seen he was married to Nicole Avant.

Speaking of Nicole, B&B executive producer Bradley Bell has hinted that the Avant family could be coming back to the show.

If the Avants do return, fans are hoping this will also lead to Rick Forrester coming back and reuniting with his wife Maya.

Rick and Maya are considered one of B&B's popular couples, and fans were upset when the show ended their romance.

With the possibility looming for a reunion with the pair, here's a look at the couple's history.

Their First Meeting


Rick Forrester is a central character to "The Bold and the Beautiful." He's the son of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan.

When Rick hit adulthood, his love life became one of the key storylines of the show. Of course his marriage to Amber Moore was a huge story. Plus, he also had relationships with Taylor Hayes, Phoebe Forrester, and Steffy Forrester just to name a few.

In 2013, he meets Maya Avant when she singing at the coffee shop where he's volunteering. The two hit if off, but their relationship has its rocky moments.

When Maya learns about Rick's real identity, she's worried she may not fit in with his luxury lifestyle. But Maya lets go of her fears and continues seeing Rick.

But trouble once again plagues the couple in the form of Caroline Spencer, who battles Maya for Rick's affections. Meanwhile, Maya forms a friendship with Carter Walton. Rick becomes jealous of Maya and Carter's friendship and accuses Maya of cheating. Rick then goes on to sleep with Caroline, thus ending his relationship with Maya.

Rick and Caroline marry, while Maya begins dating Carter. However, after a while, Maya realizes she wants Rick and a piece of the Forrester lifestyle.

She hatches a plot to break up Rick and Caroline, and finds evidence to prove that Caroline's unfaithful. Maya reveals that Caroline and Ridge Forrester kissed, and a tearful Caroline then admits the truth.

Rick breaks up with Caroline, and turns to Maya for comfort.

Shocking Revelation


Maya was once seen as a good girl, but she turned bad once she and Rick reunited.

The two ruled Forrester Creations and the Forrester mansion with iron fists. They often bullied their employees along with their family members. This led to tension in the Forrester family with Ridge trying to put an end to the couple's antics.

Despite the criticism, Rick and Maya's relationship continued. But the arrival of Maya's sisters Nicole left B&B fans stunned with an unexpected bombshell. During a confrontation Nicole revealed that Maya is transgender.

Before long other B&B characters learn of Maya's secret, everyone except Rick.

When the couple heads away for a romantic getaway, Rick proposes and that's when Maya reveals her secret to him. However, the moment is interrupted when Bill Spencer publishes the news of Maya being transgender.

An upset Maya flees the cabin, but Rick later finds her and professes his love for her.

The Forresters embrace Maya and welcome her into their family. Maya's parents Julius and Vivienne arrive in Los Angeles, and the family airs out their feelings about Maya's transgender lifestyle.

Rick and Maya then marry in a elegant ceremony at the Forrester mansion with both their families present.


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Following their wedding, Rick and Maya began making plans to have a family.

They enlisted the help of Maya's sister Nicole to become their surrogate. Nicole agreed, but the decision caused problems between her and her boyfriend Zende.

Nicole gives birth to a baby girl that Rick and Maya named Lizzy.

Following the birth of their daughter, Rick and Maya aren't seen much on the show. Maya becomes involved in Zende and Nicole's relationship and encourages her sister to give Zende a chance following his betrayal.

After Zende and Nicole marry, they try to have a family of their own, but learn Nicole can't have children.

It looked like a custody battle would be brewing with Maya, Rick, and Nicole. Even though Julius convinced Nicole to sue for custody, Zende was able to talk her out of it.



While Rick and Maya were a popular couple on "The Bold and the Beautiful", they soon suffered the same fate as other soap characters.

They were backburnered.

Actor Jacob Young left the show in 2018, and shortly afterwards Karla Mosley was bumped to recurring status.

On the show, the writers had Rick and Maya split up offscreen. Rick was away in Paris working on business, while Maya stayed in Los Angeles to tend to Lizzy. After a trip from seeing her husband, Maya returned home and broke the shocking news that she and Rick had divorced.

Fans were upset with the show's treatment of the couple and felt Rick and Maya deserved better.

There's a possibility it could happen with the Avants set to return to the show. With Maya getting more screentime, fans are hoping this means Rick's on his way back as well.

So far there hasn't been any news about the character of Rick being recast, but that hasn't stopped fans from hoping for a potential May and Rick reunion.

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