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Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty photographed together

Nicki Minaj Is 'Grateful' To Kenneth Petty For Being 'Attentive' During Pregnancy

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By Chris Barilla

Nicki Minaj's pregnancy and romantic relationship with Kenneth Petty has​ been a major focus recently in the pop and rap news spheres, of which the 'Starships' singer occupies both. Originally sharing her bombshell pregnancy photos only a little while ago, Minaj has been growing increasingly more candid about the terms of her life as she undergoes her first pregnancy and navigates what seems to be a very successful relationship with Petty, who she claims wholeheartedly is her "rock" as things transpire.

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A source close to Minaj spoke to 'HollywoodLife' about how the artist is feeling at this state of her pregnancy, and it is seemingly nothing but good things, including how badly Minaj wants Petty present during the actual delivery of the child.

"Nicki and Kenneth are inseparable, so it seems unimaginable that he wouldn’t be by her side for the birth of their baby," the source began to explain to the publication about Minaj's feelings as she enters the most pivotal part of her pregnancy.

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"That wasn’t even an option in her mind. But the judge’s decision is not the kind of thing Nicki would take for granted and she’s so grateful he’s able to support her throughout her pregnancy," the source continued to explain about how adamant Minaj is that Petty play as much of a role in the baby being delivered as physically possible.

The source also said that Petty has been the singer's "rock throughout this experience," and that she is sure that he will "make an incredible father to their baby."

Nicki Minaj photographed performing live
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According to the source, Petty has been doting to every one of Minaj's needs as her pregnancy has transpired, saying, "Kenneth has always been super attentive to Nicki, but now that they have a baby on the way it’s next level. He’s with her 24/7 and he’s all about making sure she has everything she needs."

The massive reveal of information regarding her pregnancy comes after months of secrecy and prolonged speculation as to if the rapper was even with child.

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Nonetheless, the source added that Minaj is "so lucky to have a partner like him," and went on to mention that she "feels like she chose the right man to have her child with because he’s 100 percent there for her and the baby already."

And it seems like Petty's feelings are genuine way beyond their forthcoming child, with the source continuing to say that, "He makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, he only has eyes for her."

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