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President Trump Can't Pronounce 'Yosemite' During Great Outdoors Talk

Donald Trump / Instagram
By Gary Trock

President Donald Trump proved that the only thing harder than navigating the vast wilderness and rough terrain of Yosemite is apparently pronouncing the name of the famed National Park. It all went down Tuesday morning during a special event at the White House. The president was taking part in signing The Great American Outdoors Act, which has been hailed as bipartisan legislation that will provide much-needed funding and maintenance to many of America's precious public lands. Unfortunately, Trump had some trouble during his speech before signing the bill and ended up causing a mountain of groans that dwarfed the mighty El Capitan.

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What Did He Say?

Giphy | Chris

Before signing the bill, President Trump took some time to speak on the beauty of The Great Outdoors in America, specifically the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone's Old Faithful ... and of course the "towering sequoias" of "Yo Semites."

After butchering Yosemite the first time through, President Trump gave it another valiant attempt, to no avail, before moving on with the rest of his passionate speech.

However, the damage was done and people began roasting #45 on social media for the flub.

"He wasn't saying, Yosemite. He was saying hello to the Semites. He said, Yo Semite," one person wrote on Twitter.

Securing The Parks

Gettyimages | SAUL LOEB

"If he wasn’t reading prepared remarks, we would’ve been treated to a story about Yosemite Sam," another person joked.

A third person commented, "He has a financial stake in hydroxychloroquine, not Yosemite!!!!! That makes a difference!!"

While many poked fun at President Trump, the bipartisan bill to help restore the National Parks is being looked at as a monumental move to secure the beauty of important public lands for generations to come.

As President Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump put it:

"The COVID-19 pandemic has made us value, now more than ever, the national treasure that is our parks and the respite they afford our families ... President Trump has secured funding for the next 100 years to preserve our national and public lands and return them to their grandeur."

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