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LeeAnne Locken attends BravoCon.

LeeAnne Locken Says She Was 'A Lot Of The Storyline' Of 'RHOD,' Teases Book Deal And Reality Return

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Lindsay Cronin

LeeAnne Locken is speaking out about her life after "Real Housewives of Dallas."

After confirming her exit from the Bravo reality series several months ago, LeeAnne appeared on the August 3 episode of "‘RealiTea With Derek Z," via NECN, where she explained why the show was so much work for her before teasing fans about what is next.

“Oh my God, I wish I could say everything that’s next but I have a lot of [non-disclosure agreements] out there," LeeAnne shared with Derek.

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LeeAnne Locken Believes She Worked Harder Than Other 'RHOD' Cast Members

LeeAnne Locken poses in a red dress.
LeeAnne Locken | Instagram

According to LeeAnne, she believes that when it comes to filming the past few seasons of "The Real Housewives of Dallas," she was forced to work harder than others members on the show because much of the Bravo reality series' storylines focused on her.

"The thing about doing [‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’] for me, not necessarily everybody else on the cast, but for me, it was a lot of work because I was a lot of the storyline," she explained.

LeeAnne Locken Now Has Time For Exciting Partnerships

LeeAnne Locken poses with Reza Farahan and Erika Jayne.
LeeAnne Locken | Instagram

"So now that I don’t have to take care of everybody else’s life I can just focus on me and really enjoy," LeeAnne continued, adding that she is now able to pursue a lot of partnerships that she may not have had time for during her years on "The Real Housewives of Dallas."

"I have the time," she explained.

Looking forward to her future, LeeAnne told Derek that she sees a lot of really great stuff coming soon, including a book deal.

LeeAnne Locken's Creativity Is 'Exploding'

LeeAnne Locken stuns in a white dress.
LeeAnne Locken | Instagram

"I can mention that we’re working on a really great book deal," LeeAnne teased.

And that's not all.

"I’m working with three different companies of one I’m super excited about. We’re just about to finish penning it. It’s a jewelry line to kind of create maybe six to 12 pieces that I would help create jewelry-wise that I’ve partnered with," LeeAnne revealed.

She's also doing some remodeling, which she said is "just the tip of the iceberg of the creativity that’s just exploding in my life.”

'RHOD' Season Five Is Currently In Production

LeeAnne Locken sports a black T-shirt.
LeeAnne Locken | Instagram

With filming on the fifth season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas" currently underway, LeeAnne said that fans shouldn't be too surprised if they one day see her return to the reality world.

“I wouldn’t count me out. Anyone who knows me knows to never bet against me. I rise to the top in a ball of flames and burn myself out and end up some ashes and then you give me time, I’ll sweep those ashes together and wait for the next one. It always gets bigger and better,” she noted.

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