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Draya Michele looking gorgeous on Instagram

Draya Michele Shows Off 'Big Booty' In Caramel Bikini For Yummy Comments From Instagram

Draya Michele / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Instagram influencer and reality star Draya Michele dropped a cool slew of pictures on Instagram over the weekend wearing a caramel bikini and tons of sass for nicely wrapped 200,000-plus likes.

The whole Megan Thee Stallion diss and diss back seems to have blown over leaving Draya minus a Savage X Fenty ambassadorship but then again, she still has Mint USA to model for and look great in.

Fans are all over her new look and the foot-in-mouth incident has been forgotten since she is busy painting the town caramel.

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Too Many Levels Of Hot

Draya Michele in a caramel bikini
Draya Michele / Instagram

Draya captioned the pictures wearing a tube bikini in a lovely caramel shade as "SWIM SCHOOL" so a fan was quick to respond with "I miss you on TV!!".

There were a few trolls on the page as well who took great delight in reminding Draya, "no more Savage X for you" but another fan had an excellent comment that read, "F**K SAVAGE U GOT UR OWN LINE! ♥️"

So Draya losing Savage is certainly no big deal for her fans, even if it makes her "output less than input"!

Fans Call Draya 'Edible'

Draya Michele in a caramel bikini
Draya Michele / Instagram

While another fan began quoting songs looking at Draya's hourglass behind, commenting, "Lil’ Sly ft Beatking (ClubGodzilla) “Big Booty” (Remix)"; yet another one called her body an "Architectural masterwork".

Still, another seemed shocked at all the hotness oozing out of Draya's Instagram, writing, "Aye ma’am 😳 you gotta relax I almost threw my phone."

Her swimming lesson caption generated more hilarious responses like, "Sink or swim. I'm ready to drown", and Draya is ready to move on from all the negativity her comment generated.

Fans were only too happy to label her "dinner" and "edible" in her caramel bikini.

Time To Move On From Savage

Draya Michele in Savage X Fenty lingerie
Draya Michele / Instagram

For those who did not know, Draya Michele appeared on the Wine&Weed podcast and said she wished someone loved her enough to shoot her in the foot, as an obvious reference to Megan Thee Stallion getting shot in the foot by rapper Tony Larez.

Meg was not pleased and went savage on Draya, tweeting word to the effect that meant no one should joke about getting shot by a man.

While Draya apologized, it wasn't enough, and Rihanna dropped Draya from the Savage X Fenty line.

Draya Has 'Sade Vibes'

Draya Michele looking like a young Sade
Draya Michele / Instagram

It seems Draya has moved on as she posted another picture on Instagram a day ago, looking pretty in white against a colorful, summery background.

Fans not only took to write, "beautiful as always they underestimate you" but also commenting, "Why do you look this good?"

Others felt very "Sade vibes" at the picture, feeling that Draya looked like a young Sade Adu, the much-acclaimed smooth jazz singer.

Either way, it seems that Draya is getting her groove back and fans are appreciating all the slim, thick coming through.

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