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The 'Million Dollar Listing' cast appears on 'Watch What Happens Live.'

James Harris Recalls The Moment He And David Parnes Were Cast For 'Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles'

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By Lindsay Cronin

James Harris looked back on the process of being cast for "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" during an appearance on the August 3 episode of the "Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef" podcast.

Years after he and his childhood friend, David Parnes were added to the Bravo reality series for its seventh season in 2014, James admitted that when he and David were first contacted by the casting agency, they thought the entire concept of being brought to a reality show was a prank.

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David Parnes Was A Big Fan Of 'Million Dollar Listing'

James Harris and David Parnes attend a wedding.

"Oddly enough, David was a mega fan," James admitted of David's interest in "Million Dollar Listing" prior to the two of them joining the show.

As for his own interest in the series, James admitted that he wasn't as drawn to the series.

"I actually wasn't weirdly enough. And I had no idea they were even casting for the show," he explained.

According to James, he learned he was being considered for a position on the series while in the car but didn't initially believe he would actually land a role on the show.

James Harris Remembers The Moment He Was Contacted By Casting For The Bravo Show


"I remember it very well. I was driving home. I had a black range Rover at the time I just pulled onto my street. I had a phone call come in from a no caller ID. I picked it up," James recalled. "It was a girl from a company called the Casting Company or something. She said, we're casting for this reality TV show about real estate. Would you be interested?"

Right away, James was suspicious about a potential prank.

James Harris Went Along With What He Thought Was A Prank

David Parnes and James Harris attend an interview.

"I genuinely thought it was a prank call," James confessedd. "So I just went along with it and I called David and I said, 'Dave, I think we're being pranked right now [by] casting for this show called 'Million Dollar Listing.' He's like, 'No f**king way.'"

While James didn't take the casting too seriously, he and David ultimately ended up on a Skype call with a woman connected to the Bravo show.

"David just broken up with his fiance at the time. And I remember I was sitting in the front, he was behind me," James explained.

James Harris And David Parnes Goofed Off During Their Casting Interview

David Parnes and James Harris are seen in Hong Kong.

"We were on, on a Skype call and David was flexing his muscles and the camera, we were messing around," James continued. "He was messing up my hair. We were joking and turns out it wasn't a prank."

Although James and David didn't take the call seriously, they ultimately landed roles on the show with their antics.

To see more of James and David, along with the rest of the cast, don't miss new episodes of the 12th season of "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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