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Karen and River Everett have been on '90 Day Fiancé''s 'Pillow Talk.'

'90 Day Fiancé' Viewers Have Mixed Feelings About Karen And River Everett Appearing On 'Pillow Talk'

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Many remember Chantel Everett from '90 Day Fiancé as she met and married Pedro Jimeno. The two met while she was visiting the Dominican Republic. The two clashed frequently though as their families didn't like each other as Chantel's family accused Pedro's family of using their daughter in order to get a green card to live in America. Chantel almost got into a physical fight with his sister and Pedro even got into a fight with her brother River at the Thanksgiving table.

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River has been with his mother Karen on 'Pillow Talk' since last week.

Now, Chantel's mother, Karen and River will be appearing on the show's 'Pillow Talk' series. These episodes appear following the conclusion of the latest '90 Day Fiancé' episode. The two are replacing Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez, who were widely popular on the Pillow Talk cast. During this show, previous cast members give their commentary on what's happening during that episode, oftentimes giving audiences some hilarious comments. Karen and River have been on Pillow Talk for the past two weeks.

River and Karen have since received mixed reviews about their Pillow Talk appearances.

Karen and River also had additional airtime on TLC last summer on the spin-off 'The Family Chantel.' The reactions to the two appearing on Pillow Talk have received mixed reviews on Twitter as many were fine with Veronica and Tim while others were willing to give them a chance.

The “Karen and River (aka The Family Chantel) are ruining mah show!” crowd is kinda weird, considering how very little they’re even on #PillowTalk compared to everyone else," said @RHOSuplexCity. I’m glad they’re actually rotating the pairs. Also, Tim is not funny. I said what I said. #90DayFiance

River was against Chantel's marriage to Pedro during their time on the show.
River Everrett- Instagram

Another user (@HeyHava) voiced their disapprobal for Karen and River being on Pillow Talk by saying " If #Pillowtalk is supposed to be “fan favorites” why is chantels family Karen and river in there. No one likes them.

The ones against River and Karen continued to make their cases that Tim and Veronica were the best choices to fill those final two spots for Pillow Talk. Even Veronica reposted some Instagram stories where fans were calling for her and Tim's return.

Karen with her husband,
Karen Everett- Instagram

In the end, some people may not be into River and Karen being on Pillow Talk but it could simply just be a case of needing to be used to their commentary. Veronica and Tim were good choices but based on what we've seen from Karen and River so far, TLC's decision to bring them on board wasn't bad at all. Expect them to possibly remain on Pillow Talk long term for the current 'Happily Ever After?' and 'The Other Way'series.

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