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One of Angela and Michael's relationship issues now is if Angela is able to have a baby at 54.

’90 Day Fiancé' Viewers Criticize Angela For Smoking While Awaiting Results On Possibly Having Cancer

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

’90 Day Fiancé''s Angela and Michael continue to explore options on how she can have a baby at 54-years-old. Michael is 22 years younger than her. The growing concern was that Angela doesn't have enough eggs to have a child but she has one that is still staying strong after she finally had her period. Angela’s clinician, Dr. Pettigrew, did reveal that the period bleeding needed to get checked out to make sure there were no other health issues attached to it.

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Michael and Angela received great news about the status of her uterus on the August 2 episode.

The egg had difficulty being found as Pettigrew did see an enlarged uterus, though. The concern about cancer was then a discussion.

“Because when you’re menopausal and you have bleeding, the concern is that you might be growing uterine cancer. An ultrasound is not going to tell you that,” said Pettigrew.

In last night's episode of the show's 'Happily Ever After?' series, Angela got some very good news regarding this situation that made her ecstatic as well as Michael as they were on a video call with Pettigrew.

Angela is getting criticism for smoking a cigarette during a call with her doctor.

“I was a little concerned that you might have an early cancer of your uterus or even a pre-cancerous process going on which would require surgery and a hysterectomy,” Dr. Pettigrew said. “So that actually came back as perfect. You can keep your uterus. Just abnormal bleeding but nothing causing it.”

An issue that viewers had in this moment though was that Angela was smoking a cigarette during this call. As many know, this is not a good look at all when it comes to possibly having cancer.

Social media users explain how things won't look good for Angela's health and having a baby if she keeps smoking.

People went on Twitter to voice their opinions and they are saying that Angela constantly smoking isn't great at all in the hopes of her having a baby at 54 and also to avoid contracting cancer. They already aren't feeling the verbal abuse that Michael always has to take from her.

"Angela has never been serious about having a baby, if she was she would of quit smoking," said @Bunnykisses2. "That’s all she does is smoke a pack and yell at Michael."


Michael also had another huge battle leading up to this point and that is getting his mother's blessing to marry Angela. She ended up doing so but she really wants to have a grandchild. Due to Angela's age and health situation, this could be a deal breaker for Michael as he said in the latest episode that he can't give her an answer right now regarding if he'd end the relationship due to this circumstance. Angela also had the concern that Michael would leave her for someone who can have a child.

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