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Tess Holliday poses for photographers

Tess Holliday Shares Cryptic Relationship Tweets

Gettyimages | Tim Whitby/BFC
By Chris Barilla

Following an alleged rocky split from her husband, Nick​ Holliday, model Tess Holliday has seemingly had enough with people asking her for more intrinsic details about her personal romantic life, taking to social media to speak out against those constantly asking her questions about her split and the chances of her moving on beyond the marriage any time soon. On Saturday night, she posted a long-winded response to those questions, showcasing how "fed up" she was with the stigmas being placed on her following the split.

Tess Holliday poses for a selfie
Tess Holliday / Instagram

In her very direct tweet about those who have been asking a copious amount of personal questions as the model attempts to navigate single life, she addressed the inherent issues with how people have framed her recent split.

"Everyone that’s asking me what happened to my relationship: I chose myself. I prioritized my happiness & my boys. Women should not be responsible for rehabilitating men. That’s all I’m saying. So stop asking," she wrote candidly in the evening hours of Saturday.

Giphy | Nylon

"I need everybody to put the same energy into getting #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor & #JusticeForElijahMcClain plz. Thanks," she continued her heated social media post, telling people to redirect the energy they have been putting into dissecting her personal life into advocating for social justice initiatives.

Aside from her comments regarding the framing of her past relationship, Holliday posted that she would definitely be open to dating again, if it was under the right circumstances that allow her to feel comfortable in the relationship.

Tess Holliday poses for a selfie
Tess Holliday / Instagram

She posted to Twitter, "As I’m considering dating again, these are a few things I’ve been telling myself: trust your gut, pay attention to red flags & don’t avoid intimacy just because you’re scared."

"Men will literally make women feel like it’s our duty as their partners to stand by them while they burn down everything around them. 'If you loved me…' Also I’m aware that it’s not just 'men,' but we need to stop making excuses for our partners who refuse therapy and refuse to better themselves," she went on to add, saying, "Love yourself more than you love the idea of someone."

Giphy | Nylon

On the exact same day she shared these sentiments to Twitter, Holliday took to Instagram where she shared a photo of herself accompanied by the caption, "single and ready for lots of therapy."

Holliday, a frequent advocate for self-love in all capacities has taken a particulary strong stance in this instance given the issue at hand involves her, but is nonetheless still maintaining her trademark positive mantras despite the extra attention being put on her private life by the media currently.

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