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'Teen Mom' Alum Jenelle Evans

'Teen Mom' Alum Jenelle Evans Lashes Out At Fans Who Accuse David Eason Of Abusing Kids

By Clark Sparky

Former "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans had a busy day on Twitter on Saturday. The reality personality promoted tons of tweets about conspiracy theories related to child trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein, Pizzagate, Tom Hanks, and the coronavirus pandemic being a hoax. Most of the tweets used the hashtag "#savethechildren," which was created to bring awareness to the real issue of human trafficking but has been highjacked by conspiracy theorists.

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At one point, she wrote, "Maybe my TL will #WakeUp some of you. #SaveTheChildren #WWG1WWGA." The second hashtag is used by QAnon conspiracy theorists and stands for "Where We Go One, We Go All."

Many followers starting calling her a hypocrite for saying "save the children" and called on her to save her own kids from husband David Eason.

"We been tryna save YOUR children for ten years now. Get your own kids out of an abusive environment before worrying about other kids. There is something tangible you can do to save your kids right now! Leave David! Stop the abuse!" one person wrote.


Evans replied to that person by calling on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to ban people who she claims are spreading false news about her and Eason.

"See @jack this is where you and your @twitter team should be banning these accounts that continues to spread false information and lies about me," she tweeted.

Another fan weighed in and claimed that everything people are saying is true. "Help your kids," they wrote.

Evans replied to that by writing, "My husband HAS NEVER laid hands on any of my children, exactly why every FALSE case about me has been dismissed. YELL my allegations and WHISPER my success. My children are doing amazing and that’s FACTS for ya."

She has been defending her husband a lot recently. A couple weeks ago, people started accusing Eason of cheating on Evans when a photo of him with another woman started spreading online.

Gettyimages | Bruce Glikas

She was asked about the photo during an Instagram Q&A.

“David has never cheated on me, LOL,” she said. When fans followed up and asked who the woman in the photo is, Evans wrote, “[She’s] an obsessed fan that posted an old pic with David [from] when we were separated. She has posted it before but deleted it. Why is she posting again? Have no idea. Weird.”

Evans previously addressed the photo on Instagram, writing on July 15, “This chick has also hung out with [Andrew Glennon] and even tried getting with Nathan [Griffith] before hitting up David.”

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