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A photo showing 50 Cent in a black and white print suit at the premiere of his series titled “Power.”

50 Cent Goes On Sabbatical After Instagram Tramples On His Ego

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50 Cent is a rapper by morning, actor by noon and troll by night. His fans never seem to run out of topics to talk about online. However, his nightly escapades sometimes gets him in a lot of trouble.

The "Power" star has engaged in several online banter, trolling and insensitive jokes against people, especially his fellow celebrities. Recently, he trolled Megan Thee Stallion online with a meme, after it was announced that Tory Lanez shot her foot.

This joke received wild criticism on social media and led to a string of other events.

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A photo of 50 Cent dressed in a grey suspenders and pant, standing over bunches of money.
Instagram | 50 Cent

Nevertheless, when 50 Cent found out what really happened between Lanez and Stallion, he took to his Instagram page to apologize to her for his insensitive joke.

A recent report from Hot New Hip Hop mentioned that Instagram removed a post made by 50 Cent after users accused him of bullying and harassment. The report also said that the rapper was confused as to why Instagram would take down his post.

Do you think 50 Cent has learned his lesson? Read below to find out.

A photo showing rapper, 50 Cent dressed in a two-piece black suit and by his side is a stack of black color balloons.
Instagram | 50 Cent

The post made by 50 Cent that was reported by Instagram users as a mode of targeted harassment, showed a woman sporting a bathing suit. She was bent into a yoga position baring parts of her body for the camera.

50 Cent showed confusion about the removal of the post and has refused to delete it from his page. However, he made a shocking announcement in another post that got fans talking and put non-fans in a jubilation mood.

Is 50 Cent being serious?

50 Cent is caught on camera looking handsome and awesome with a smile on his face as he makes his way through a crowd of fans.
Instagram | 50 Cent

The 45-year-old revealed that he is taking time off Instagram. This statement did not come as a surprise to those who follow the rapper closely as he has done it many times. The only problem with this is that, he only does it when he receives too much heat on the platform, then decides to stick with Twitter.

His Twitter page was recently placed on shadowban because his page did not receive any following activity for about a year. This is strange, but not impossible, seeing that the rapper has been getting on the nerves of a lot of people.

An amazing photo showing 50 Cent sporting a grey inner shirt and black jacket, with a NYC cap and a huge gold chain around his neck.
Instagram | 50 Cent

50 Cent may get off on making fun of people all day, but he surprisingly owns up to some of his wrongdoings. For example, Megan Thee Stallion took to her Instagram page to speak about her foot incident. She also noted the cruel comments and fun posts that were made about her on social media. Seeing what she posted, 50 Cent weighed in on it by apologizing for his insensitive jokes on Instagram.

Why do you think no one followed 50 Cent on his Twitter account? Let us know in the comment section below.

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