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Demi Lovato poses for a selfie

Celebrity Jeweler Says Max Ehrich Put 'A Lot Of Love' Into Helping Create Demi Lovato's Ring

Gettyimages | NBC
By Chris Barilla

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich's whirlwind romance and now engagement has proven to be one of the most talked-about topics in celebrity love for 2020. Since announcing their engagement, the two have been swooning over each other nonstop on social media, with Lovato wholesomely showcasing her massive diamond engagement ring.

Now, celebrity jeweler Peter Marco opened up to 'HollywoodLife' about the ring's cost, the design process, and just exactly how much Ehrich was involved in the nuanced aspects of its creation.

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Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich pose for a selfie
Demi Lovato / Instagram

According to the publication, Marco ballparked the price of the ring at somewhere between $2.5 and $5 million​ and holds between 12 and 20 carats of diamonds inside. The jeweler was hesitant to give further specifics on the ring out of respect for the privacy of the couple.

However, according to Marco, this was nowhere near an impulse buy. He claimed that Ehrich was heavily involved in the design process which took roughly six weeks to bring the concept from idea to physical product.

Giphy | Demi Lovato

"He put a lot of love and effort into this ring," Marco explained. "We were talking about it for six weeks. The amount of texts, drawings that went back and forth, different ideas, different concepts. He put a lot of effort and love into this. His personality is to be a perfectionist with everything. The ring is totally handmade. The ring is done in platinum and has almost a carat of trapezoids on the side, so that means they’re a half carat each."

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich pose for a selfie
Demi Lovato / Instagram

When it came to the size and cut of the diamonds, Ehrich insisted to Marco, "The bigger, the better."

"He wanted a big stone so we decided to go with the emerald cut, because it’s a little bit more low key," Marco explained of Ehrich's very specific requests for the final product. "The stone is over an inch long, so handmade and platinum trapezoids — over a 12 carat stone."

The end result is a ring that stunned millions of fans during its recent social media debut.

Giphy | Demi Lovato

In reference to Lovato's thoughts on him, Marco only had good things to say about his interactions with the star.

"The day she saw my picture, she said, 'You look like an honest, sweet man, you look like someone we could trust. Max says really nice things about you. You did an incredible job,'" he explained about their intereaction.

"Listen, she was lit like a light bulb. She is just so out of the world ecstatic and happy. You know, so, so happy with the job that we did," he concluded.

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