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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Snaps On IG Followers Who Came For Her Kids, Tired Of ‘BS Rumors’

@j_evans1219 Instagram
By Ona L

Jenelle Evans is back to fighting the haters online (as if she ever stopped). The mom of three hopped on Instagram and shut down haters who were questioning whether her daughter Ensley could speak. Followers were concerned about the three-year-old because she appeared to never speak while Evans was still filming “Teen Mom 2” and now that she is so active on social media they expected to see some kind of progress with Ensley and they haven’t. Fortunately, for the precious girl, her mom loves a good fight.

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Jenelle Slammed Her Followers

Jenelle and daughter Ensley
@j_evans1219 Instagram

The 28-year-old released a statement shaming her followers for talking down about her daughter. “Whoever made up the BS rumor that my daughter has speech problems, you have no f***ing idea how my daughter speaks.” The mama bear cracked down on the followers who believed that her daughter needs a speech intervention. Evans reminded fans that her life is no longer on TV and no one knows what exactly is going on in her house and therefore should mind their own business. Two points for Jenelle!

The Kids Are Often A Point Of Contention

Jenelle enjoying a day by the pool with Kaiser and Ensley
@j_evans1219 Instagram

“We haven’t been on TV for more than a year so where did you hear her talk!?” Evans asked her followers. “She speaks perfectly fine and her vocabulary is better than Kaiser’s. STOP SPREADING FALSE INFORMATION.” Fans can only assume that the last sentence in all capital letters was Evans screaming at the top of her lungs. However, with everything that the reality star does it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Haters jumped on the hate Jenelle bandwagon and started ripping the star a new one for her parenting or lack thereof.

Does Ensley Speak?

Jenelle on the red carpet at an event
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“If her vocabulary is better than Kaiser's why aren't you getting him help,” shared the curator of the Instagram page “tmmamadrama”. Others were more concerned with how the IG live press release would affect her other children like Kaiser who she seemingly “threw under the bus”. “Defend one kid by slagging off another. Great logic Chinelle,” wrote another follower. A few sarcastically called her “mother of the year”. Evans did right by defending one of her children, but it was extremely awkward watching her belittle her son.

David Chimed In With A Prime Example

Jenelle being goofy for the camera with David and Ensley
@j_evans1219 Instagram

Kesha's number one fan has come under fire before for not putting in the proper care and attention for her children. Fans questioned why she never fitted Ensley with a helmet after it was revealed that her head was slightly misshapen. Fans also came for Evans when ex-husband Nathan Griffin shared concerns that she was sitting idly by while allowing husband David Eason to physically abuse their son Kaiser. Eason also had a few words for the haters sharing that his uncle, who is now an engineer did not speak until he was 5 years old. He basically just confirmed that Ensley’s speech is lacking.

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