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Ellen DeGeneres with white shirt

Is Ellen DeGeneres Quitting Her Iconic Show?

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By Jacob Highley

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most famous talk show hosts in the world. The 62-year-old celebrity TV personality is estimated to be worth nearly 500 million dollars as of this year and has continued to host her show from home in light of the Coronavirus.

Despite setbacks and not having a full staff, Degeneres has hosted brand new episodes interviewing actors, musicians, and fellow celebrities. Being that many of these famous individuals have experienced the same shut-downs around the world, a live video call is usually the format for these interviews.

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Shockingly, reports came out shortly after Ellen began hosting her videos from home that the wealthy blonde was not all that she appears to be. Earlier this year accounts of her poor attitude towards the staff of her show were only compounded when more accusations came forward claiming Ellen had been involved in acts of sexual misconduct.

With these new allegations surfacing, an insider has shared with the press that Ellen is seriously thinking about not renewing her contract which is supposed to expire at the end of Summer.

'She Can't Go On'

Ellen DeGeneres wearing black
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The insider shared the following in regards to Ellen’s show possibly being discontinued on a permanent basis.

“She feels she can’t go on and the only way to recover her personal brand from this is to shut down the show.”

While this in it of itself isn’t fairly bewildering, it hasn’t been completely unexpected, especially after her “at home” version of the show became ridiculed by millions on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Both for the lack of professional setup in her house and for often having a creepy person always in the background.

Not The Only One

Ellen DeGeneres

She is not the only host to experience this either as even “Late Night Show” hosts like Jimmy Fallon were similarly made out to be a laughing stock online. (And not for any good reasons)

Some of the first episodes were especially hard to watch on YouTube due to Jimmy’s kids looking miserable while filming, and the delivery of Jimmy’s comedy segments was depressing for fans, to say the least.

Without a full camera crew, special effects editors, and of course any co-hosts, the “working from home” feeling went from convenient to downright painful.

Time Will Tell

Ellen DeGeneres with black shirt
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And although more YouTube shows have been able to upgrade their studios and cinematography, anyone who has continued to watch the hosts of some of the most popular interview shows in the US will tell you how pitiful they have become.

Only recently have more people come to accept the practically forced changes of how these show hosts have conducted them. The comments shifted from being very negative to much more positive in a matter of a few months or so.

It remains to be seen whether Ellen will remain long enough for her studio to open up again.

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