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A photo showing Maurice Benard in a see-through blue shirt and his smile is to die for.

‘General Hospital’ Actor Maurice Benard Is A Villain on Set & A Hero In Real Life

Instagram | Maurice Benard
By Favour

When Maurice Benard began his role on “General Hospital” in 1993, a lot of fans were freaked out by him. They also shared online, how much they did not like the author due to the role he was playing.

In the film titled “GH,” Benard played the role of Sonny Corinthos. He was a drug dealer who often found himself in the midst of trouble. Most times, he sought out these troubles and through violence and chaos, he settled the problems.

Maurice Benard looks breath-taking in this photo where he has on a two-piece black suit and whit inner T-shirt to match.
Instagram | Maurice Benard

However, unlike the character he plays on set, Benard has a more reserved and protective nature in real life, especially when it comes to his children.

Recently, the actor revealed that he and his son, a teenager, went through a dire situation with a stranger. During the conversation, things almost got out of hand, but Benard was able to calm the situation and speak with the stranger.

Benard said that his decision to refrain from his on-screen character, helped him understand people better.

An amazing photo showing Maurice Benard sporting a black shirt with large red prints on it.
Instagram | Maurice Benard

In the movie “General Hospital,” Sonny is a kingpin, who ruthlessly deals with anyone that comes in his way. Although the real life actor Bernard is nothing like a mobster, he still has some similarities with his on-screen character.

For example, when it comes to Sonny, he is a very protective father, who would do anything in and beyond his power to keep his children safe.

Amazingly, this is exactly how Benard is in real life as he does not joke around with it comes to keeping his kids safe.

A photo of Maurice Benard sitting with and caressing his pet.
Instagram | Maurice Benard

Benard and his son were in a father-son bonding exercise and they visited a Fatburger restaurant to get something to eat. While they were exiting the restaurant, they saw a man looking out of place.

He was screaming at everyone who passed in front of him and cursing at them. According to Benard, he thought the man was homeless and mentally unstable.

As the rants went on, Benard and his son decided to leave the scene immediately and not engage in anything the man had up his sleeve.

Instagram | Maurice Benard

When father and son had gotten inside their car successfully, the stranger approached Benard through his glass window.

Instead of trying to push the man away or shout back at him like had been doing, the actor spoke to him calmly, hoping to get across to him and find out his problems.

Unfortunately, the stranger was in tears and needed someone to talk to. Benard gave him some words of advice, encouraging him that he would get everything he wants with time.

Finally, Benard urged his friends, family and fans to always look before they leap, especially when it comes to other human beings.

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