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Debbie is not the biggest fan of the women that Colt chooses.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Colt's Mother Debbie Says His Girlfriend Jess Is A "Villain" And "Vixen" Who Wants K-1 Visa

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

This season on ’90 Day Fiancé’'s 'Happily Ever After?' series, Colt Johnson is on to a new Brazilian woman named Jess Caroline. The two initially met in-person in Chicago and instantly clicked. Her friends were skeptical of him though due to him not telling his mother, Debbie, about Jess and how he still lives with her. Nonetheless, it was still a great trip for Colt as he then went to Brazil to see Jess. He ended up telling Debbie about her as she went to Brazil as well.

Colt believes that Jess is the one for him unlike his ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos.

Last week's episode displayed Debbie not being into the fact that Colt revealed at dinner with Jess' family that he wants to start a family with her. Debbie believed that the two are moving much too fast and asked if anyone agrees. This resulted in Jess putting her hand in front of Debbie's face which did not go well at all. Debbie ended up getting a taxi to go back to the hotel room while Colt stayed with Jess and her family.

Debbie has now called Jess a villain and a vixen.

Now, Debbie has taken to Instagram to include a post and caption that takes some hard shots at Jess, per blogger John Yates.

“There once was an evil villain. This red-headed vixen set her eyes on her [prey]. She tracked him down, knowing how vulnerable he was. Her sexuality was very powerful. Her eyes remained on the prize. Her dream could come true, but only if mommy stepped aside. Will her dream come true she asks herself, my visa, my visa, my K-1 visa.”

90 Day fans on social media believe that Debbie is acting too overprotective of Colt in her latest Instagram post.

Fans were not feeling what Debbie said about Jess at all. They believe that she is showing an extreme overprotective mother trait.

“So we just ignoring how Debbie said she would do everything in her power to sabotage their relationship? What kind of twisted sh*t is this?”

"What a weird post by Debbie...," added another user. :ike just weird. That’s a post from a lover not a mom…. the level of control exerted by her over her son is insane. He has issues 100% but their relationship is a whole issue in and of itself."


Colt originally appeared on ’90 Day Fiancé’ as he married Larissa Dos Santos, who is also Brazilian. This marriage went downhill in a hurry as they were only married for six months. Larissa was also arrested three times for domestic violence and faced deportation. She avoided that and on 'Happily Ever After?,' she is currently dating Eric Nichols, who she had broken up with after leaving Colt. Larissa tried to call Jess as well to try to bash his name but Jess was not believing her and instead, wanted to give Colt a chance.

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