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Beyoncé Gets Slammed For Claiming 'Black Is King' In Music Video

Gettyimages | David M. Benett
By Jacob Highley

Beyoncé has recently released a brand new video labeled “Black Is King” on Disney Plus. The video is called a “visual album” and features music from her album “The Lion King: The Gift”.

While the 38-year-old “Lemonade” artist hasn’t been able to tour and perform due to the Coronavirus, she has been an outspoken proponent for Black Lives Matter and racial activism in general.

While her album hadn’t received a whole lot of political attention previously, her latest video has now shed a whole new light on the Disney album, and social media is now flooding with people who are calling her "racist".

'Best Thing In The World'

Beyonce with white outfit
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Beyoncé’s song “Brown Skin Girl” has the following lyrics which previously didn’t carry the connotation that it does now.

“Brown skin girl, ya skin just like pearls The best thing in the world, I never trade you for anybody else, say”

This was previously thought to be a notable “Black Pride’ statement and was definitely a compliment to those with darker skin everywhere, has now come under scrutiny for what appears to be a racist statement directed towards everyone who isn’t black or of a dark skin tone.

'Black Is King'


While the theme of the music is clearly one that shares Beyoncé’s passion for racial justice and her race's culture, her music combined with the title of her latest video would suggest that she believes Black people are superior to other races, not equal.

Here are just a few comments from viewers who can't believe Beyonce would post something so insensitive to other races and cultures.

"Imagine if a white artist released a visual album titled "White is King" and featured ONLY white people and white artists. What do you think the response would be from the general public? Beyonce is very blatantly racist, and nobody cares. It goes both ways people." - DeadlyDanDaMan (Commenter)

More Criticism

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“Nothing says equality of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, etc by promoting one over everyone else” – Riptor (Commenter)

The number of comments on Youtube alone is startling. People have started to argue about how if a white musical artist had published a video titled “White is King”, the video would most likely have been taken down due to the controversy.

The comments are full of people arguing about whether the title is appropriate. While many believe this was an excellent way to show Black Pride, there are just as many who think the title is completely racist.

Nothing Higher

Instagram @beyonceptnews

Although the “Halo” singer hasn’t made outright racists statements, her musical works seem to speak for themselves as many viewers are pointing out.

Her latest visual album of her Lion King album is titled “Black Is King”, which tied with the lyrics of her songs (quite a few of the songs on the album promote Black pride) don’t necessarily indicate just a pride of one’s ethnicity or race.

There is nothing higher than a King in a monarchy, and as stated before, she believes there is nothing better than black skin in the entire world.

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