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Monique Samuels poses at the 'RHOP' reunion.

Monique Samuel Teases 'RHOP' Season Five Ahead Of Premiere Date, Says It Was Her 'Most Difficult'

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Lindsay Cronin

Monique Samuels is opening up about the upcoming fifth season of "The Real Houswives of Potomac," which premieres on Bravo next month.

In addition to speaking about the series' ups and downs, Monique dishes on the new cast member of the show, Wendy Osefo, and the drama surrounding Michael Darby

“It was definitely probably one of the most difficult seasons I’ve ever filmed, but the whole season wasn’t that way,” Samuels revealed to Heavy. “I think some of the surprises that people need look forward to is seeing when the ups were ups and the goods were good, it was really good."

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The 'RHOP' Cast Falls Apart And Then Comes Back Together

Monique Samuels poses with husband Chris on the red carpet.
Monique Samuels | Instagram

"The dynamic of the group was amazing in the beginning, and it’s going to be fun to watch all of us as we bond and have fun and laugh and joke, and have our little fun shady moments,” Monique continued. “The whole season is definitely one that is going to be a roller coaster, a lot of ups and downs.”

According to Monique, she and her cast mates definitely go through some hard moments but they also “bring it all back together.”

Monique Samuels Hit It Off With Wendy Osefo Right Away

Monique Samuels poses with her African Grey.
Monique Samuels | Instagram

“I actually hit it off with Wendy, we have a lot in common,” Monique said of the newbie. “Right from the beginning, it’s not hard for me to bond with women, so she’s really fun, she has a great head on her shoulders, she’s really confident, she’s very opinionated and all of those qualities make for an excellent housewife. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the inside of her life, with her and her family and that whole dynamic. She’s a mother of three, just like myself, so we had a lot in common. She’s definitely fierce and she speaks her mind so I think that the viewers will definitely enjoy having Wendy on the show this year.”

Monique Samuels Believes Wendy Osefo Blends Well With The 'RHOP' Cast

Monique Samuels poses in black lace.
Monique Samuels | Instagram

Speaking about the way in which Wendy fit in with her cast mates, Monique said the newbie "blends well."

"What I love about her is that she’s an actual housewife. So, she’s married, which is always nice. As it compares to other housewives, like I said before, she’s very aware of herself, she’s very opinionated, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, so that’s always a plus,” Monique revealed.

The singer then noted that fans would be seeing some people on season five that “used to be a part of the show."

Monique Samuels Enjoys Watching Michael Darby On 'RHOP'

Monique Samuels and husband Chris pose for a photo.
Monique Samuels | Instagram

Regarding claims that cast member Michael cheated on his wife, Ashley Darby, Monique admitted that her male co-star is "always the talk.”

“That’s going to be a whole ride, once again, but I’m sure they’re figuring everything out. The Darby’s have a way of just handling what they need to handle,” she added.

To see more of Monique and her co-stars, don't miss the season five premiere of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" on Sunday, August 2, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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