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Pamela Anderson sizzles on Instagram

Pamela Anderson Shares Playboy Nudie On Instagram But Bans Fans From Commenting

Pamela Anderson / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Pamela Anderson continues to post risque photos of herself on Instagram, though it seems fans are losing interest in the regular amount of skin show.

What's even more surprising is that she has made a sudden change in her Instagram account, allowing only who she follows to comment on her pics.

The rest of her fans can watch and see, but cannot comment and definitely cannot touch.

Wonder what brought about the change considering all her fans wanted to tell her was how beautiful she still is.

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Pam Was Once With Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson sizzles on Instagram
Pamela Anderson / Instagram

From being the bustiest and most popular star of the '90s TV series 'Baywatch' to now being the creative director of a new social platform at, Pamela has come a long way in her life.

Her past has been littered with relationships that seem to have done her more harm than good, none of them lasting very long.

She was also involved with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and while they are not together now, she still calls him "the world's most innocent man".

Her Instagram Is Full Of Skin Show

Pamela Anderson sizzles on Instagram
Pamela Anderson / Instagram

Check out Pamela Anderson's Instagram and you will find it speckled with pictures of her wearing little to nothing, like this picture of her wearing only boots and a ton of sass.

It cannot be easy being naked in front of so many people in a shoot, but Pamela pulls it off easy in the final shot, making fans comment, "you are truly amazing in every way Pamela" while another wrote, "Over 50 and still stunning 👍".

Of course now, no fan can comment on Pam's page unless she follows them, even on such gorgeous views...

Pam Says She Was 'Painfully Shy'

Pamela Anderson's throwback Playboy spread
Pamela Anderson / Instagram

Considering that she follows only 120 people and has one million followers, comments are going to be few and far between even though she is posting pictures like these that set Instagram on fire.

She captioned the picture as: "I was a painfully shy girl. I was insecure about the way I looked. I felt nobody loved me- it was a terrible feeling. I took a risk - I agreed to do @playboy - I was literally the girl next door. Mr. Hefner called me the DNA of the magazine ..."

Here are some more sizzling shots of Pam.

No Fan Comments, Please

Pamela Anderson sizzles on Instagram
Pamela Anderson / Instagram

Pamela Anderson carried on, saying, "I conquered my fear. It set me free. I’m a free spirit. sometimes those old feelings creep in and I know that I need to be bold and brave in all I do. I meditate. I pray to a feminine spirit."

Since she barred any comments from fans she didn't follow, she got only two comments on this and some 28,000 likes.

Not that Pamela cares as she wrote, " am grateful that I am respected and get to be me. I would never sell my soul."

But her video is rather poignantly hashtagged as "#rememberme"...

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