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Salma Hayek in a carefree, bohemian beach shot

Salma Hayek Shows Serious Cleavage In Throwback Pic On Instagram Setting Sexy Goals

Salma Hayek / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Salma Hayek cannot stop sizzling on Instagram with her throwback pictures, even if she really isn't trying to set the world on fire.

Her latest set of throwback pictures are monochromatic and all the more gorgeous for it, leaving fans gasping for breath as she effortlessly sets new standards of sexiness.

The amazing thing about this 53-year-old actress is that she doesn't even have to resort to skin show to look hot, for her, its all about natural beauty and that sizzling body language.

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Gorgeous Salma, Stunning Necklace

Salma Hayek looks gorgeous in a B&W throwback pic
Salma Hayek / Instagram

With 15.3 million followers on Instagram, it's not as if Salma Hayek only posts gorgeous pics of herself. She does talk about a lot of valid calls to action as well, giving her fans a glimpse of that heart and intellect beneath all that oomph.

This throwback picture of Salma Hayek netted more than 200,000 likes with fans writing in comments like, "ur beauty never fails to amaze me ¡hermosa!"

One fan was all about that gorgeous necklace though, commenting, "Love you but that necklace is absolutely stunning!!!😍💃🏻".

Here's another stunning necklace on the very stunning Salma...

Fans Say Salma Is A 'Fine Bottle Of Wine'

Salma Hayek looks gorgeous in a B&W throwback pic
Salma Hayek / Instagram

With pictures like these, it's no wonder that besotted fans cannot stop themselves from waxing eloquent with comments like, "The beautiful Salma You're like a Fine 🍾bottle of 🍷 Wine. You just get better with age."

Salma's black dress looks as if she was poured into it, with curves out on display; making one fan comment, "this photoshoot is amazing".

Of course, the sweetest compliment came from another Instagram user who commented, "You sure that's not recent!!!" meaning to say that she still looks this hot...

Of course, she can look hotter!

Sometimes, Throwback Gets Serious

Salma Hayek looks gorgeous in a B&W throwback pic
Salma Hayek / Instagram

Salma's last B&W picture was a lot more serious and yet again proved that this gorgeous lady has a heart of gold.

She wrote, "I have never understood femicide or hatred towards women. I have discovered that the exploration of my feminine energy and the coming together of women has strengthened my soul. I believe that the respect for women and the surrender to the mystery of our power can strengthen the world".

With more than 400,000 likes, Salma's voice is reaching fans far and wide.

Fans Appreciate Salma For More Than Just Her Beauty

Salma Hayek looks gorgeous in a throwback pic
Salma Hayek / Instagram

She also wrote, "I'm so grateful to all of you who have been part of this unity. I support the women in Turkey that started this movement against femicide and I am grateful for you for inspiring this unity. Thank you 🙏 @sofisia7 I accept your challenge".

Moved fans thanked Salma Hayek for voicing it out, with one writing, "I can never understand how anyone can disrespect women to the point of femicide, but to be fair I'm struggling to understand humanity these days".

Depressing indeed, so here are two bunnies to cheer you up...

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