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An awesome photo showing Will Smith dressed in a blue shirt and denim pant with sneakers to match, in an area covered win green shrubs.

‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Star Tatyana Ali Praises Will Smith’s Musical Prowess

Instagram | Will Smith
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Will Smith is one of the richest and well-respected actors in Hollywood industry. If anything, his acting skills is unrivaled and unique. In essence, Will is a combination of sweet and sour on the big screens.

He kicked off his acting career when he played the lead character in a sitcom titled “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.” After this, he landed other movie projects, some of which turned out to be award-winning films. Some of these movies include; “I Am Legend,” “Gemini Man,” “Men In Black,” “Bad Boys” and so on.

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A photo showing Will Smith sporting a brown jacket, with a white inner shirt and cap. He also has an amazing smile on his face.
Instagram | Will Smith

Aside from his movie career that is going so well, Will is one of very few actors, who has a breath-taking musical talent. It is unclear why he has refrained from pursuing both careers side-by-side, but it doesn’t take away the truth.

One of his co-stars from his debut film, known as Tatyana Ali is one of many close friends that has commended Will severally on his amazing musical talent. Read below to find out which songs are credited to Will.

A throwback photo showing Tatyana Ali bonding with her newborn at home and they both look amazing.
Instagram | Tatyana Ali

Some fans may have heard Will sing in some of his movies, but he once kicked off his music career with a few songs. However, as time went on, he chose to stick to acting, which was by the way, an amazing choice.

Before taking up acting, 16-year-old Will recorded a few amazing songs with his partner, Jeff Townes. The duo referred to themselves as The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. Unlike other rappers and musician’s, this collaboration refrained from using profanity in their lyrics or words about violence.


The first song Will and Townes releases was a major success and this attracted the attention of a lot of people. The lyrics, voices and conduct was done nicely and like the work of a professional. People are aware presently that Will is a four-time Grammy Awards winner. However, what they may not know is that two of those awards, came from his musical involvement in “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.”

Before age 18, Will was already earning a lot of money. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, he stuck to acting.

An amazing photo of Will Smith posing for the camera adorable, while leaning on a round object.
Instagram | Will Smith

Speaking to Vlad TV recently, Tatyana Ali was asked why she believed that her former co-star was not really recognized for his addition into the rap industry.

“People called him corny because he didn’t curse, he had songs like ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’, he was really positive, middle-class and talking about his experiences.” She said.

She also went on to say that in the music world today, a lot of upcoming artists, are faced with a similar pressure. People want them to go with the norm and not deviate from it. Although this has worked for many people in the past, Tatyana was not convinced that, that it‘s the only for young artistes to become famous.

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