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‘RHOBH: Fans Believe That Lisa Vanderpump Is Vindicated After This Train Wreck Season

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By Kay Lewis

It doesn’t need to be said but here it goes, this season of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has been awful. With the drama between Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp acting like co-dependant bullies and Lisa Rinna well, being Lisa Rinna fans are beginning to see that maybe Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t as horrible as production made her look. A thread on “” is vindicating the reality star of all that negativity that surrounded her for the last several seasons.

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The Women Are Mean

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A fan of the show shared an interesting thought on how Vanderpump was treated and why it is now backfiring in her co-star's faces. “These women are pure evil and used LVP as their scapegoat when in reality Kyle and Rinna are to blame,” wrote the fan. “This season has 100% vindicated LVP. She wasn’t on the show to bring up malicious rumors about Denise’s family, yet this still happened. She wasn’t on to solicit Brandi to spread a life-altering storyline, yet this still happened. She also wasn’t on to target one woman (which has been herself for years) to viciously attack all through filming.”

Brandi Has Hijacked The Season

Dorit, Kyle and Sutton during their trip to Rome
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The thread is referring to the women ganging up and berating Richards after Glanville shared with them horrible things that the “Wild Things” actress allegedly said about them. This included allegedly saying Mellencamp lives in the shadow of her clearly more famous father, musician John Mellencamp. A few people agreed with the Reddit member. “LVP is vindicated. The whole cast orchestrates behind the scenes and decides who to pick on. This is the reality of the show. It is getting old and tired.”

Fans Are Fed Up


Fans are getting annoyed with this season and the way that the drama comes off more like bullying and tarnishing people’s character than a good old fashion petty drama. In addition, some fans believe that these women just don’t get along well enough to carry a show. “This current cast is not jiving together. There is no chemistry with these women (except for Denise and Garcelle). We are not identifying with any of these women or having fun watching. It has jumped the shark.” This led fans to call out more seasons that are lacking in authenticity (well as much as a reality TV show can have) like the “Real Housewives of Dallas”.

The Cast Is Inauthentic

The cast of the Real Housewives of Potomac
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Fans are more inclined to believe that the casts of New York, Orange County, and Potomac are actual friends because of how they conduct themselves with one another. “They aren't really friends, like NY, OC, or Potomac. So, their own commonality is the gang up storyline. If I was Denise, I would run and not look back. She doesn't need RHOBH, some of these other women do.” So, whose side are you on? Do you think Vanderpump has been redeemed or is she still the villain? Did Denise do the deed with Brandi or is Brandi desperate for attention?

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